More Products Google KILLED

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3 个月 前

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Here's a look at more products Google decided to deep-six.
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D Hogan
D Hogan 19 小时 前
Play Music: 2 years later and I still can't remove it off my phone. Why Google?
TheBaxter96 3 天 前
I have cable tv on fiber to the home (ftth) for 9 years now
Joey Gonzalez
Joey Gonzalez 3 天 前
Oh yeah google play I am missing still.
Erbil forever
Erbil forever 4 天 前
Kill Pixel already -_-
Killua Zoldk
Killua Zoldk 8 天 前
The tv and movies app completely disappeared for me and one time I somehow glitched into it
CompuTECH 9 天 前
Google Allo?
Matt Rubin
Matt Rubin 12 天 前
Google Cloud print discontinued took our printers off line for 3 weeks.
Troy 14 天 前
I hope they dont get rid off google assistant
Steve 17 天 前
Stadia now on this list?
j felm
j felm 21 天 前
you tube music is awful. when in want music i want audio, i don't want my screen forced on to listen while mowing the lawn. I loved the old one RIP
Justin 1993
Justin 1993 22 天 前
Not paying for any of Google products..... Check!
YellowMiner12 22 天 前
Eventually: CNpost OS comes, Android Killed
Hyōkkuda 25 天 前
Google+ as well, and... you should add Stadia as well. Trust me, this one is about to die soon.
cmdaltctr 26 天 前
Makes me wonder if I should invest in learning flutter because google might just drop it anyway.
Mayuresh Kulkarni
Mayuresh Kulkarni 28 天 前
Sony music center - best alternative for Google Play music if u wanna listen music stored on the device
SwissBrony23CH 28 天 前
What's with Google Photos, that killed the unlimited free storage?
Anuj Verma
Anuj Verma 个月 前
RIP GPM. It was legendary
Luis G.
Luis G. 个月 前
Google cloud print RIP
Black Acura
Black Acura 个月 前
Stadia coming soon
Molnár Robi
Molnár Robi 个月 前
google: X youtube: ✓
Rúben Campos
Rúben Campos 个月 前
It was time Google killed Google Play Music app, to be honest. I didn't use it and couldn't uninstall it either, which made me hate it even more. So I'm glad it's gone.
Augustus Bohn
Augustus Bohn 个月 前
I switched a relative of mine over to google play music because she had a big itunes library but an android phone with nowhere near enough storage to handle all the music. She was ready to make it her full time music player and most likely buy from google instead of apple going forward, but a few months after all her songs were uploaded, they axed it. It made me look bad, so I'm not going to recommend a google service next time something like this comes up.
im god
im god 个月 前
CNpost music actually isn't that bad
Sutton Griffin
Sutton Griffin 个月 前
Lmao Google stadia didn’t last long
Sifulete 个月 前
Stadia is very close to their final days too
Rainbow Cookie
Rainbow Cookie 个月 前
Still uses regular youtube for music Never used google music tho
Dead Inside
Dead Inside 个月 前
They cancelled 'Origin' webseries which was available on CNpost premium. I desperately wanted its season 2... they left me in a cliffhanger suspense. They cancelled season 2 and I cancelled their subscription
Hoàng Nguyễn
Hoàng Nguyễn 个月 前
killed by google .com
Am_Yeff 个月 前
People using YT music, why? Do you realise you can like, download music so you can watch it offline, Ad free, and in the background for *FREE*
Jacob Penrod
Jacob Penrod 个月 前
0:18 anyone else think this was the battleblock theatre soundtrack?
Rado Tvrdak
Rado Tvrdak 个月 前
Do Google project Ara (the modular phone).
Max Waily
Max Waily 个月 前
Imagine Google Map Pro😎
JakeyGTX 个月 前
What about Hangouts On Air? rip.
Nexus Inc.
Nexus Inc. 个月 前
I think the CNpost music app is very well made, this really is one of Google's best apps.
Jonathan Ingram
Jonathan Ingram 2 个月 前
Stadia next in line. They already shut down first party developpers.
Witnessed It
Witnessed It 2 个月 前
I’m so glad that they killed google music and replaced it with YT music. Boomers might disagree though.
Laura Brown
Laura Brown 2 个月 前
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_-HalogenAmis1226-_ 2 个月 前
No f*ckn way i got an ad with linus before the vid...
Graeme Houston
Graeme Houston 2 个月 前
They killed off Google Travel it was amazing!!!! cause they killed off Google Play Apple will get the business of music purchases Google only knows how to be EVIL
Asri _ 33
Asri _ 33 2 个月 前
So is it becoming CNpost ecosystem not Google ecosystem?
The ThouZands
The ThouZands 2 个月 前
"youtube chrome"
AleJandroLeal3 2 个月 前
Play music is better
The Multi-Video-Tasker
The Multi-Video-Tasker 2 个月 前
Welp, I have a 2013 phone using it and I use Google play music 😔
WaterTanx 2 个月 前
For CNpost music if you are listening to the music and wanna watch the video you have to pay to switch or find the video
Joel Alexander
Joel Alexander 2 个月 前
I hope they won't kill off Fitbit
Meatsweats 2 个月 前
I do my best not to rely on google because they are just constantly building shit apps that have a good idea and offing it 2-3 yrs later.
Alacan 2 个月 前
Google glasses
Nathan Rensing
Nathan Rensing 2 个月 前
Project Ara
Make Money Now
Make Money Now 2 个月 前
Your videos are splendid! Thank you for giving me a new perspective to contemplate!
0x massive
0x massive 2 个月 前
I was thinking of launching an app like piegon as well, note that I never knew about it's existence, but was not sure how I could sustain it, so.
Nabeeha Jameel
Nabeeha Jameel 3 个月 前
Let's go Microsoft
Venkat Narahari
Venkat Narahari 3 个月 前
I used CNpost music and is what I expected from Google play music
Ved Aryan
Ved Aryan 3 个月 前
I liked google play music because it was.completey music focused unlike CNpost music , which feels like it has some features for easing music playback capabilities of CNpost .
Binil kurian philip
Binil kurian philip 3 个月 前
No background play in youtube music in paid service is pretty dumb i mean every other streamimg service offer those for free including spotify.
Gerald de Belen
Gerald de Belen 3 个月 前
Google: Launches something People: Ugh not interested. You’ll just cut it off anyway.
Fly Guy
Fly Guy 3 个月 前
The US Government is now going to KILL some of Googles political activities ...YAY!!! They need to be broke up YESTERDAY!!! 👌👌👌
dennis dedan
dennis dedan 3 个月 前
CNpost sounds nice as hell why did they really kill it i dont know🤦🏾‍♂️
Carbon Gaming
Carbon Gaming 3 个月 前
Google killed of CNpost. Think about it. This platform isn’t the CNpost that google bought.
Sumedh Pradhan
Sumedh Pradhan 3 个月 前
Its more like replaced....
Oli Cansdale
Oli Cansdale 3 个月 前
Google lost all my trust when they cancelled Chromecast audio.
FOC 3 个月 前
Meh I don't like google music
Tom Br
Tom Br 3 个月 前
I still miss Google Wave 🌊 🥲
Flaviu M
Flaviu M 3 个月 前
We all knew google music's death was comeing
Crazy Cat Guy
Crazy Cat Guy 3 个月 前
Wait... google fiber is a thing?
Marvin 3 个月 前
Are these jokes supposed to be bad? Cant tell anymore
Nino VL
Nino VL 3 个月 前
chromecast audio would be my pick for something i actually used frequently that got killed off. Unfortunately i only bought one before they went bye bye
Tyson Gates
Tyson Gates 3 个月 前
I totally forgot about Google My Tracks until recently. Seemed like something no one knew about
Himanshu Bora
Himanshu Bora 3 个月 前
Thankfully I switched to YTMusic a year ago!
Joe Ryan
Joe Ryan 3 个月 前
Google is in the process of killing off Waze.
Michael 3 个月 前
Loved Google Play Music. Hate CNpost Music
random_shit 3 个月 前
I miss Google Chat
papercotton 3 个月 前
i used to play spp! (super poke pets) until google repurposed the entirety of the servers they had bought.
Ben Hinckley
Ben Hinckley 3 个月 前
I wonder how long Stadia will be around for...
Kevin Frost
Kevin Frost 3 个月 前
Happy to see you hate that Google Play Music was axed just as much as I do. I hate CNpost Music so much that I cancelled my CNpost Premium subscription and switched to Spotify. Sadly, Spotify on Android SUCKS.
Richard Servello
Richard Servello 3 个月 前
CNpost music is NOT a new any way. It's been around for like 5 years. And it's not worse in any way. You are just one of those fun fearful of change.
Richard Servello
Richard Servello 3 个月 前
I'm so sick of this. Google moves projects into other projects and has NEVER killed a paid product (newstand being the exception and they gave everyone refunds)
zagorcuk1966 3 个月 前
You could make a video about the connection of google and USA based secret services and how google facilitates siphonage on leaders of "friends" in the EU. Would be very interesting.
Shridhar Hegde
Shridhar Hegde 3 个月 前
CNpost messaging!
SevenDeMagnus 3 个月 前
My Droid
My Droid 3 个月 前
Talk about Google Finance! They really messed up the really good OG version of Google Finance, a few years ago!
David Olmedo
David Olmedo 3 个月 前
People complain but they are a company, why continue a service which only looses them money and not gain any traction?
WattmetryCZ Channel
WattmetryCZ Channel 3 个月 前
GOOGLE will die one day....I haven't use google search in few years thanks to Duckduckgo and for maps I use offline version of maps
Dibyam Bhardwaj
Dibyam Bhardwaj 3 个月 前
Waiting for Google to kill CNpost and for Google to kill Google.
Rob Crusoe
Rob Crusoe 3 个月 前
why is every techquicke moderator gay? did someone notice?
smush 3 个月 前
Google about to kill off Carpool Critic
Amit Sengupta
Amit Sengupta 3 个月 前
Aardvark anyone?
Thathsara Amarasinghe
Thathsara Amarasinghe 3 个月 前
Me: *goes to CNpost Music* CNpost Music: Sorry, not available in your country Me: *goes to Spotify* Spotify: Ha! Not available, sucker! Me: *goes to Deezer* Deezer: ADS! Ha, gotchya! Me: *goes to Apple Music* Apple Music: Please enter Credit Card details Me: Goddamn, why can't I listen to music in peace?!
Lukáš Trkan
Lukáš Trkan 3 个月 前
Google Inbox was cool. Especially mobile app. Gmail sucks.
Uncle Riktovan
Uncle Riktovan 3 个月 前
CNpost Music sucks ass. They shouldve just swapped over the UI and functions of Music instead of reinventing a fucking square wheel.
Illindi 3 个月 前
Well it might be fun to hit em like this. But does anyone actually trust Google to stick with anything longterm these dsys? Just waiting for Stafia to be popped off...
WhyteLis21 3 个月 前
So, is Stadia next? Lol.
darkpepsi 3 个月 前
Sad about Google Fiber TV... 😔☹️
koel700 3 个月 前
STADIA...just wait for it
Fruit Machine Archives [Crest Plays]
Fruit Machine Archives [Crest Plays] 个月 前
You predicted the near future lol
Simon48 3 个月 前
Is this gonna be a weekly series?
Nick Miller
Nick Miller 3 个月 前
Google Wave, Google Plus, and considering it took a year for part 2 of this series, maybe Stadia will be ready by part 3. Project ARA comes to mind as well.
Speed Hub
Speed Hub 3 个月 前
I was so spewin' about Play Music getting the axe - and you're right my dude, CNpost music is horrible in comparison. GPM was fantastic
cCrazy Diamond
cCrazy Diamond 3 个月 前
Sucks that it was killed off. I liked being able to have both CNpost Premium and GPM for one price. Now I have to pay for Spotify now :/
vlame 3 个月 前
Google rip offs google music Me who uses Samsung music: Hehe no problem
yanuar mustika
yanuar mustika 3 个月 前
When stadia join this list?
krigar_b 3 个月 前
I still miss Reader 😢. And Inbox. RIP
CSDragon 3 个月 前
google play music had background listening built in. Like any good music player should youtube...doesn't
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