Windows Won't Let You Do This... (Filename Characters)

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3 个月 前

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Why does Windows disallow certain characters in filenames?
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Ecktor 20 小时 前
I use “japanese equivalent” characters
Cyba IT
Cyba IT 天 前
James went through puperty again at the end there
Webert de Souza Lima
Webert de Souza Lima 3 天 前
I will give you my like for support but this was like, the most uninteresting video ever in the past hour
CapHunterX 4 天 前
You can't use NULL as a file name
DrZeldaGlitch 4 天 前
i love the desktop wallpaper in the background
Maurin den Ouden
Maurin den Ouden 6 天 前
Since you guys always like topics to cover for fans. Can you cover something about CAD software. and autodesk inventor in particular. The software only uses one core on some of processes of the software. i'd like to know on which processes and what the ideal hardware configuration would be for that. And maybe you could cover some other CAD products as well. like AutoCAD, Revit or maybe even a comparison with solidworks. I think it is a great opportunity for you guys. For everyone that shares my idea, pleas like my comment.
David 6 天 前
It lets you do too much already. Spaces in filenames were a mistake. -- a shell scripter who has to worry about stupid spaces in filenames.
Magus Apex
Magus Apex 8 天 前
This is more helpful than I ever thought
Reno Zed
Reno Zed 8 天 前
Uh la la
MKsushi 8 天 前
1:12 just gonna say that this is not irony as it would go as one would expect which is the opposite to irony, but while there are antonyms for irony there isn't a concept or double meaning in the word making it not really logical to use literal instead of ironic. hence I do respect your decision in choosing that even tho it is not ironic. good day sir!
Mr. Pekr
Mr. Pekr 9 天 前
Ok i got ad for pulseway with Linus on Linus video 😂
Why you use 2:1 aspect ratio in the Linus Tech Tips channel but 16:9 in here?!
pxc 13 天 前
if you mount an NTFS drive on Linux, you can create files with these characters in their names, and then Windows programs can't delete it open them even though they see them, lol
Javian Brown
Javian Brown 14 天 前
I actually learned a lot from this outside of why we can't use the punctuations in the file name
Alex101YT 14 天 前
i saw a 914tb drive
Mohamed Mimon Asbai
Mohamed Mimon Asbai 17 天 前
con, prn, lpt...
SwitchBlade 18 天 前
Pipes go ||||||||||||||
Enrique 18 天 前
Great video however this did not explain ALL dissallowed names. Try naming a file with one of these names: CON, PRN, AUX, NUL, COM1, COM2, COM3, COM4, COM5, COM6, COM7, COM8, COM9, LPT1, LPT2, LPT3, LPT4, LPT5, LPT6, LPT7, LPT8, and LPT9 (Yes i know the title says characters)
Martin Bories
Martin Bories 19 天 前
So, what you are basically saying... Microsoft does not know escape sequences. Just choose an escape char and everything would be fine!
NoMusiciansInMusicAnymore 20 天 前
you can't make a folder named con
randomclips1511 22 天 前
Win DOS. the most obsolete system to still being in use....
2xRoyal 22 天 前
Hey! It’s been 4 years, where is the Mechanical Keyboard Switch’s part 3
Joe Kilbreth
Joe Kilbreth 24 天 前
Can you guys do a TechQuickie on the difference between an MSI file and an EXE file?? :)
Liam soccerpro
Liam soccerpro 26 天 前
Look at the computer monitor at the back the windows background 😂😂😂
colo capacco
colo capacco 27 天 前
thought the video were going to be about absolutelly stopping auto updates
Nakib Ahmed
Nakib Ahmed 27 天 前
I use Linux 😎
Lazy Strike
Lazy Strike 28 天 前
but browsers can download files with weirdest names and windows keeps it. why ?
art_antiques roblox
art_antiques roblox 28 天 前
Try making a file called CON
Sulaiman Awan
Sulaiman Awan 28 天 前
Windows: You cannot defeat me you cannot use these characters. Me: I know but he can. Parted Magic: So you challenge
DB 28 天 前
Please make similar video for Mac
Carey Ngo
Carey Ngo 28 天 前
Not entirely correct...? means that one character is incorrectly notified by you, meaning every other character in the title has to match. * means anything/everything it finds, not really recommended unless you know exactly what you're doing (I ran old virus scans on my drive this way, defragger absolutely hated me and so did all my 'friends' once they worked out that I'd ALWAYS defrag/debug at least 3 PCs all weekend every weekend)
StrokeMahEgo 28 天 前
You also can't name a file CON
Steven Sines
Steven Sines 28 天 前
"Don't end a sentence with a preposition." :)
Citaro SR
Citaro SR 28 天 前
I use Linux and I'm not restricted with this lol
buddyroach 28 天 前
The part where you can't use certain characters in the naming of files, they could use a similar tactic in mysql and php to prevent injections
Mark Perrenoud
Mark Perrenoud 个月 前
A lesser known one... using a $ at the end of a network share's name. This makes the network share hidden. So if your network share is "Work" and you change it to "Work$" it will no longer show up when searching the network... however, it is still present for any direct links to it, or you can simply type in the directory like //my computer/hidden$
Keanu B
Keanu B 个月 前
Just switch to Linux/Ext4 and you can.
Aaron E
Aaron E 个月 前
If you name a file .private it will hide the file when you untick show hidden files.
XP_Studios 个月 前
Was expecting some ridiculous Microsoft money grab but these are actually fairly reasonable Also I simp for semicolons
shotarcherZ 个月 前
Oh wow that makes sense, cool
shotarcherZ 个月 前
The thumbnail
Elliot Williams
Elliot Williams 个月 前
You literally left one out wtf
Yustin J.
Yustin J. 个月 前
linus with waifu
DZ3OA 个月 前
Care to explain “nips.jpg”?
Idle Commentator
Idle Commentator 2 个月 前
Well, technically you can use (most of) these characters in a file name - they just need to use a different type of character encoding, though it usually looks somewhat ugly as a result.
EZ Media
EZ Media 2 个月 前
XDShade 2 个月 前
Try to name a file "CON"
sogerc1 2 个月 前
In other words, because Microsoft didn't implement it properly. Even though you pay them to! I use XFS for free and I can use any character but "\0" and "/" in my filenames and the same is true for btrfs, ext4 etc.
Gandalfwiz2007 2 个月 前
Windows knows emoticons and it hates wink ;)
Abhinav Vishwakarma
Abhinav Vishwakarma 2 个月 前
< > are called redirection operator and | is pipe command.
Overwatch 2 个月 前
You can have more than 1 colon... file:///c:/
Laura Brown
Laura Brown 2 个月 前
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Tesseract95 2 个月 前
0:56 windows 7 window on windows 10
PuffyRainbowCloud 2 个月 前
How does macOS do it? Because I can use all those characters in file names and under macOS they show up as those characters but viewed on a Windows machine those characters are substituted. Does macOS just name the file with those substitutions and show me the file name I wanted to use to make me feel better?
Rakesh Chandra
Rakesh Chandra 2 个月 前
Wow look at that the disk drives have a Approx. 3PB something of space
someoneTechnical 2 个月 前
You can't use ":" to prevent users from accidentally creating an ADS (Alternate Data Stream). You can checkout Wikipedia to learn more about it EDIT: You can create an ADS from the command line
mason 2 个月 前
The $ is used to hide file shares in windows, and % is used to signify a system variable. If you type %appdata% you will be taken to the current user’s roaming appdata folder. In enterprise environments these variables are really helpful, like if I want to set a bunch of users up with personal network drives all I need to do is select all, select the drive letter, then assign the path \\fileserver\usersdata\%username% If you really want to get fancy you can create custom system variables.
Mortimer Zabi
Mortimer Zabi 2 个月 前
Dang near all of these are holdovers from DOS and CP/M.
Stefan Egger
Stefan Egger 2 个月 前
Amiga can use " " as filename, Windows can't. So you have to unpack certain archives on Amiga and not PC.
Make Money Now
Make Money Now 2 个月 前
Awesome stuff! New subscriber here!
Nakib Ahmed
Nakib Ahmed 2 个月 前
I use Linux 😎
Jaydeep Mistry
Jaydeep Mistry 3 个月 前
Please no clickbait titles. Disliking video because of it :(
Keith McPherson
Keith McPherson 3 个月 前
1:34 linus with waifu?
BuddyBonButt 3 个月 前
I thought tech quicke was to help people with tech or understanding Tech. Now it just looks like a Linus Tech tips extension.
4lex 3 个月 前
nice background on your monitor
QwertP 3 个月 前
I don't use windows.I use Linux Mint. Fuck Microsoft dude
Xavier Matews
Xavier Matews 3 个月 前
*Short answer:* Because Windows is DOS with a pretty face *;)*
Vikrant Sharma
Vikrant Sharma 3 个月 前
afelias 3 个月 前
It's canonically now a forward slash, not a backslash; Windows displays backslashes only for backwards-compatibility. The more Windows integrates stuff from the other, better *nixes, it also adopts those standards. Like forward slashes for path names.
Miner 2049er
Miner 2049er 3 个月 前
Linus69.jpg Nice!
Simon-Ricardo Kühn
Simon-Ricardo Kühn 3 个月 前
0:48 Holy crap that's alot of storage
Uthman Baksh
Uthman Baksh 3 个月 前
I was overjoyed when I was on MacOS and Linux because I could write the date in the filename the way I write it outside of my computer like this: 1/8/2021. Instead, Windows forces me to write the date like this: 1-8-2021.
Shane Wells
Shane Wells 3 个月 前
Works the same when your advance searching on Google
SubhamaY 3 个月 前
0:49 second look at the storage 🙄 3200TB plus 🥺
Viktor Dorokhov
Viktor Dorokhov 3 个月 前
Could you do an explanation of even more boggling Win trait: limit of characters for a path to a file? This often irritates me at work and each time I miss linux.
xorion123 3 个月 前
We need that linus69.jpg
Nadja Krzyżańska
Nadja Krzyżańska 3 个月 前
Fun fact: Did u know that if u name a folder C: and try to delete it, the system wil try to delete the C drive?
Jarrod Gilman
Jarrod Gilman 3 个月 前
Thumbs up for Semicolon
Robert Kohari
Robert Kohari 3 个月 前
To many people who never used MS-DOS :P
DKC 3 个月 前
Eric Frederich
Eric Frederich 3 个月 前
Uhm, are we not going to talk about all the illegal filenames? CON, PRN, AUX, NUL, COM1, COM2, COM3, COM4, COM5, COM6, COM7, COM8, COM9, LPT1, LPT2, LPT3, LPT4, LPT5, LPT6, LPT7, LPT8, and LPT9 Those are all illegal as regardless of extension.
Generic DataFlow
Generic DataFlow 3 个月 前
My semi colon is worn to shit from years or software development
CmdrFirewalker 3 个月 前
Those are not NTFS-restrictions btw. just Windows. NTFS has way fewer
LewdGeek 3 个月 前
What's the point of doing a video about this if you don't show all of them???
Alvin Panagsagan
Alvin Panagsagan 3 个月 前
Handsome Guy
Dongzhu Huang
Dongzhu Huang 3 个月 前
Doesn't using a click bait title on a Techquickie defeat the point since people wanting to know why some characters can't be used in file names will never find it?
Neinstein-sama 3 个月 前
my ocd won't let me use semicolon to replace the colon
Steven Villman
Steven Villman 3 个月 前
You can use an en dash in place of a colon when naming computer filenames! (Remember: you *_can_* use a dash in place of a colon in written English and normal printed text in English in most situations, though it would be less formal there.)
David Pagan
David Pagan 3 个月 前
When I was younger I spent a few hours online researching this issue wish this video was available
KOOL WOND 3 个月 前
Yeah this is stupid, for some reason people try to make all of this critical thinking just to tell the difference between two characters is mental just put a system of standards for the file system so when you input data into the path it will just help you put the format other wise you get all this hackable points, is mental.
Mr Veink
Mr Veink 3 个月 前
*Laughing in Linux*
Daniel Hollibaugh
Daniel Hollibaugh 3 个月 前
The vertical bar is typically used to "pipe" the output of a command/program to another command/program ie "dir | more"
V K 3 个月 前
2:55 wow, someone's using emacs and libre office in windows.
River Tam
River Tam 3 个月 前
my biggest grip is when you have a whole batch of files are still named that way by say the government hundreds of pdf that now can't be zipped into a zip file except to go rename everyone of them.
Bill 3 个月 前
So now Techquickie uses teasers as titles for their videos? That's not helpful.
munem939 3 个月 前
This is why I never use full stops (or periods) in my file names, just in case Windows misreads the file and converts it into a file type
munem939 3 个月 前
@Steven Villman I understand what you mean. I deal with a lot of that with my data actually. I just add an underscore instead. It's my data so I'll know that the underscore is a replacement for a full stop.
Steven Villman
Steven Villman 3 个月 前
Sometimes, you *_have_* to use the "." (full stop/period) in file names, especially when certain abbreviations are involved there where the version with periods has a different meaning than the one without periods [i.e. "c." versus "c" - where the former is used as the abbreviation for "century", while the latter is used as the abbreviation for "[in dates] circa"].
Yoakah 3 个月 前
Remember when windows let power users do stuff? Hah, slowly taking alway our powers and locking them behind more clicks and window pop ups
Rick 3 个月 前
TL;DR Windows legacy crappy design and poor planning is still a thing.
Harbir Singh
Harbir Singh 3 个月 前
0:49 You know you're talking business when your dumping ground is 780 TB.
Illuminum2392 3 个月 前
Linus staring down at ya.
gameflux 3 个月 前
Cool !
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