How Long Will Your Phone Last?

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2 个月 前

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Should you expect your current smartphone to have a long life?
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jemuel jemuel
jemuel jemuel 8 天 前
I remove my phone at 90 or 95%. is it safe as 80%?
i_inject_ crayons
i_inject_ crayons 10 天 前
I've been rocking a galaxy a31 for almost a year now works fine its the only phone I know of that isn't way over priced
Eric O'Dell
Eric O'Dell 10 天 前
darn those PRO-cessors lol
Erik Nessel
Erik Nessel 13 天 前
My LG X power to is hanging on to life by a thread
Erin uk photographer admin
Erin uk photographer admin 14 天 前
I would say at least every four years or so unlike me I want my device expensive type
Backfandango X
Backfandango X 14 天 前
never noticed until the linus media group became a thing, how differently Canadians say the word “processor” than how Americans do.
Newport Box 100s
Newport Box 100s 14 天 前
Moto G Power 2021 for $80 on Boost is the best deal on the market. 5000 mH battery, 6.6 inch HD screen, and Snapdragon processor.
Raymond Redddington
Raymond Redddington 14 天 前
S21 Ultra!!!
SosseTurner 17 天 前
After 4 years still rocking my galaxy s7, but it's to get replaced soon as it clearly stays behind in storage space and performance
SosseTurner 14 天 前
@Raymond Redddington i thought about the rog phobe 5, does not seem bad and has some features i actually really like...
Raymond Redddington
Raymond Redddington 14 天 前
S21 Ultra!!! So good.
NoSkill PG3D
NoSkill PG3D 19 天 前
Still holding strong on the S9+
Alex Le
Alex Le 20 天 前
I'm still on my S7 Edge.
Navodeep Deka
Navodeep Deka 26 天 前
'Exynos' - samsung missed the 's' at the starting 🙃
Blood Raven
Blood Raven 27 天 前
WARNING: Ted talk wall-of-text incoming! I know it's not for everyone, and you'd have to be tech-savvy for this kind of thing, but getting rid of the stock OS (also known as ROM) can be a HUGE boost in battery life, depending on how much always-running system-embedded bullsh*t bloatware the manufacturer has preinstalled. Also, google play services are pretty battery hungry, so get away from those if you can stomach it (or get MicroG if you can't, it's a mostly-surprisingly-well-working open-source implementation of google's services that drains almost no battery, and install Aurora Store to get Google Play apps). Not to mention, most custom ROMs have many functionalities to further prolong your phone's life beyond what the stock ROM might have - smart charging (capping at 80%, notifying you around 40-50% to charge it back up), disabling fast charging (or just get a slow charger lol), limiting background-running processes that drain battery and CPU power and others. Also I'd recommend replacing the battery with a new one when it reaches its end of life, instead of replacing the entire phone, especially if you grew attached to it, and its screen isn't broken (even if it is, I'd replace that too, and use a case/screen protector next time lol) I think if more people knew these things and they became more accessible to everyone, we'd CONSIDERABLY reduce e-waste, but obviously companies don't want us to be doing that, they only want our money and do bullshit like not including a charger to be "green", when all that's doing is having you charge your phone with the wrong charger (that you might have lying around), which can considerably reduce its battery life and even cause it to explode. Not to mention the impact on the environment from the SEPARATE shipping if you need to order a charger. Yeah, good job companies, you saved a few centimeters or cardboard on your box, you're so f*cking green! (cardboard is renewable btw) Thank for coming to my TED talk.
Lefty The Bear
Lefty The Bear 27 天 前
My iPhone 6s now will completely freeze on apps and websites, should I start thinking of getting a new one? It crashed twice in a row tonight, so maybe it needs to be laid to rest.
MOtherMetroid 28 天 前
Sure, just ignore updates.
Parabalani 个月 前
My Samsung Galaxy S8 is 4 years old and still works pretty much the same as 4 years ago. Amazing
Stephen Snell
Stephen Snell 个月 前
Modern phone batteries aren't removable anymore
Stephen Snell
Stephen Snell 个月 前
80% won't last that long,100% is a must
Sonic Mobian
Sonic Mobian 个月 前
Still have my Galaxy S9+ and still holds a charge. Been through a lot over the years and still enjoy the phone today won't be a loooooong time until I have to get a new one. Been Pretty happy with the S9+
Adam D
Adam D 个月 前
I think I've finally have to give up on my iPhone 6 after 6 or 7 years and one battery change. The screen is starting to behave erratically. I'll probably get SE because of the fingerprint reader and the price, and I only use my phone as a communication device. No games, no video/photo editing, nothing heavy.
nalk20 14 天 前
The screens for the 6 are only about 20-25 dollars on ebay. They are easy to replace. Choose the right seller and the tools needed is part of the bargain. I replaced mine a couple of months ago. Just be careful with the screws on the shield inside as they dont look it, but they are different lenghts and screw the wrong screw in the wrong hole and the phone is gone. Batteries are fairly cheap and easy to replace too. Ifixit has tutorials. Having said that, the 6 is obsolete.
Roman Kretzschmar
Roman Kretzschmar 个月 前
Yeah, Oneplus is probably the way to go...
Roman Kretzschmar
Roman Kretzschmar 个月 前
James: "Chances are if you buy a phone at a really appealing pirce, corners where cut somewhere and often it's the CPU" Oneplus: "Oh sorry, I don't know who you're talking about" P.S. Oneplus 8 - 550€ - 12GB RAM - Snapdragon 865 - 90hz - 4300 mah ... - lightweight OS (Android 11) - Price of new battery at manufacturer Website: 15€ lol.
Tuomas Vainionpää
Tuomas Vainionpää 个月 前
”If you find a really low price phone, corners were cut somewhere.” Yea, like wages of the people putting the thing together or getting the materials. Oh wait, those corners are cut with expensive electronics too. My bad, carry on.
Stephen Snell
Stephen Snell 个月 前
I charge my phone to 100% all the time no effects at all
Alex 个月 前
I always run my iPhone in low power mode to decrease power usage and prolong my battery’s lifespan
Ayush Raj
Ayush Raj 个月 前
My s9 is not dying anytime soon
glowing mash and beans
glowing mash and beans 个月 前
Having more than 1 gig of ram is neat too
Adammyers1995 个月 前
I'm happily still using my Galaxy S8
Uthman Baksh
Uthman Baksh 个月 前
I got an iPhone 12 last Christmas. I plan to hang onto this thing for at least 2 years!
game ison
game ison 个月 前
i upgrade my phone every 3-4 years even if it works fine. I use mid range phones and they seem to really get a lot better over that period of time. My previous phone didn't had many modern features like fingerprint or nfc and its battery was killing me, i had to charge it every day.
mr. applejuice
mr. applejuice 个月 前
Thanks for the video, my j7 prime is on its last leg after owning it for so long. Now instead of trying to get the new s21 or s20 ima just go to the s10
bleukreuz 个月 前
I lost my last phone on the bus so I happily upgrade to a nicer one lol
Car Parking Multiplayer
Car Parking Multiplayer 个月 前
Seriously if you don’t have the iPhone X or higher, you’re missing out big time! I recently upgraded to an iPhone XS Max for only $300, it’s barely used! It’s an awesome flagship for a stupidly low price since it’s so underrated!
Afonso 5885
Afonso 5885 个月 前
I got an Alcatel 1, it only lasted less that 1 year ;-;
ChaosSwissroIl 个月 前
"as the years have gone by we've demanded more and more from out phones" Translation: Developers have become more and more incompetent, writing worse and worse code, because processors keep getting better.
Frog 4096
Frog 4096 个月 前
I used my iPhone 6 hard until it died (I did replace the battery myself for $15 when it was four years old) and replaced it with a secondhand iPhone 8, which I will keep using until it either dies or Firefox gets too far out of date to keep working right. If my iPad 3, still going strong after 7 years, with absolutely no repairs is any indication, it’ll be a while. (I mostly just use it for watching movies and CNpost)
Renzo Morini
Renzo Morini 个月 前
what about phone storage wear???
bWWd 个月 前
teleprompting too much
TheShadow7478 个月 前
3 years only? my phones typiucally last 5 years +
DriverSteve 个月 前
I'm still using the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 which I bought 3 years ago! I never let the battery drain down past 40% because that's BAD for the battery's lifespan! And, I keep a heavy-duty phone case to prevent cracking the screen! Also, don't let your disk space fill up and when it gets close, you HAVE TO uninstall apps you don't use and remove data that you no longer need! Keep a lot of disk space available and you should be good to go for a long long time! I also still have a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 that still WORKS! It's slow but it still has a beat! :)
Kops 个月 前
Using s6 in 2021 it's usable at least for me
furcom 个月 前
I'm using my Samsung S8 since 2018. It still looks and feels like factory new (except the battery), thanks to my expensive phone protector. Currently running it with a custom ROM based on Android 10. Android 11 is coming to this device soon. Developers are already working on it. that is the benefit of a Android device. Btw, i don't need the newest and fastest CPU or 78979 cameras on my phone.
Mr. J
Mr. J 个月 前
I have an iphone 5 SE (the OG SE) it still works and is still supported, its only needed one battery replacement, things last if you take care of them edit: FYI batteries last longer when they have been fully drained or under 10% before being recharged
spector JZ
spector JZ 个月 前
you forgot something the software i cannot use a phone with old software
Barış P.
Barış P. 2 个月 前
From the very first cell phones ever, here is a list of phones I've used: The brick Nokia (it died), a small Samsung (it was working fine when I replaced it in 2006), a hand-me-down Sony walkman phone, a hand-me-down something with weeks of battery life but I don't remember its make and model, a sideways folding phone/pad nokia that died (I was really sad about that), a galaxy note 2 (stolen in a business trip in Poland), a cheap Asus (died spectacularly 5 years later in another business trip in Buenos Aires, I was depending on it for navigation and I nearly died), and finally a Galaxy Note 8 I bought three years ago. The battery life is getting shorter and I'm noticing other minor stuff, but I expect to use this for another 3 years.
Rory Walter
Rory Walter 2 个月 前
RAM! The iPhone 6 could've got 2 more years of system support if it had 1 more gig of RAM.
Woo Six
Woo Six 2 个月 前
I am still using the iphone 5s
Arjun Jadhav
Arjun Jadhav 2 个月 前
Using redmi 2 since 4 years 10 months
fjl05 2 个月 前
whats a pro-cessor?
Richard Champness
Richard Champness 2 个月 前
Still using s7 edge
mer2329 2 个月 前
i think when you feel you phone is laggy that you should get a new one and genuine replacement parts are getting harder to find im still using a LG G4 (tmobile h811) its almost 6 years old. finding genuine parts is now becoming harder. ive replaced the battery, battery cover, and camera glass/power/vol buttons the camera glass volume and power button are 1 assembely, and i bought generic cause its was MUCH cheaper then buying a genuine LG part the battery cover is a Verizon one, and the battery is from gorilla gadgets (LG no longer makes them). the phone is beginning to feel a little sluggish, so i am thinking its time to find a new phone, except im in love with my IR sensor, SD card slot, and headphone jack..... 2 of these are "forgotten technologgies". oh and the thing is built like a tank. ive never used a case, or screen protector and have never had to replace the screen. even though many MANY drops. Any other phone put through the same accidents would have needed a new screen 3 times over by now.
jouna lehtiö
jouna lehtiö 2 个月 前
6 years is good for me, my Honor 5x still does its job.
DownloadersPlayTime 2 个月 前
Ive had my phone for 5 years now and its the only phone ive had that wasn't handed down from family and its working fine its slowed a little but its not causing me any problems.
getridofit3 2 个月 前
Again, what was this video about? Did he really answer this question?
CACTUS 2 个月 前
Well in my opinion nowdays technology advanced so much that at this point the only problem is battery. I have galaxy s7, 8core and 4Gg RAM phone. Still works perfectly, runs everything I need. So its same with PCs, they advanced so much that if its even almost 10 years old but it was high end PC back then you can still run everything but you just need to upgrade a GPU. Lets just comapre that to a 2000s. If you had beast pc in 2005 that pc couldnt run new stuff in 2010. Lets take amd fx8 series from 2011. I still own it, just upgraded my gpu and runs everything great. So in my opinion you dont need a new phone if you carry portable charger with you
jezusmylord 2 个月 前
If you buy a flagship iphone its gonna last at least 6 years if you change the battery when its fucky
Kasia X
Kasia X 2 个月 前
Still waiting for Apple to release an iPhone as good as a 6S or 7. Not too big (4.7" screen), with TouchID, and a mini-jack would be cool. Until then, I'm not interested. And I'm even less interested in Android phones, so yeah. I'll probably have to use my current phone forever.
Golden Thunder
Golden Thunder 2 个月 前
Had a 6s then moved to a xr
fatehyabali 2 个月 前
Klaus Klausi
Klaus Klausi 2 个月 前
Bullshit, an iPhone holds at least 6 years. It's no porblem to get a replacement battery for it. I would just watch out for the support time of the phone.
Artemis 2 个月 前
My 7 Plus with a fresh battery is still plowing
XDLugia 2 个月 前
Still on my second ever smartphone which I got 2 years ago. Here's to 6-7 years like my last one!
John-alan Short
John-alan Short 2 个月 前
Pr-ah-cessor. Like “bronze” or “on”. Also good advice about devices
They don’t give a battery replacement and trying to convince people that we are just protecting the environment. The more problem in environment is the increasing number of dump mobile phones because the phone has poor battery life and the batteries are not easy to replace. If they already decided not to give a charger but at least should give an extra battery instead of charger… Thank you, From: Rohan Rahman
TheSeptdan 2 个月 前
It triggered me when he said, “like the energizer bunny”
Elco de Bruijn
Elco de Bruijn 2 个月 前
Had my iPhone 7 for 5 years. Had the battery changed after 2,5 year at Apple for 65 euro. Just recent i bought a iPhone SE and going to do the same thing.
Tyler Hanley
Tyler Hanley 2 个月 前
in general the longest lasting phones are......... iPhones. this isn't opinion - its fact. if you want a decent little phone to get you by and that will last until at least 2027, get an iPhone SE or 12 mini.
GoinManta 2 个月 前
Still Rocking a HP Elite X3.. Yea Still Love my WindowsPhone.
Bruce Weese
Bruce Weese 2 个月 前
I spent $1000 on my iphone 6s about 5 years ago I had 64GB memory. I replaced the battery in March last year and I still use it today. Although I am currently pining for the newest Pixel.
Øystein 2 个月 前
In general 5 years it will work fine on a top model. But expect a bit less on a cheaper phone. After that it starts getting outdated extremely fast bacause of more demanding apps and outdated software. Btw.. Here in Norway it's decided by law that most electronics must have a 2 year warranty and 3 extra years limited warranty (5 years in total). So I can take a 4,5 year old phone and repair it for free if it's a manufacturing fault.
Best Comment
Best Comment 2 个月 前
I just bought an iPhone X 😢
Ahmad Fadell
Ahmad Fadell 2 个月 前
To my use, phone can be still usable after 2 years of end of support of software.
Neocaron 2 个月 前
How about mentioning the ram? That's one thing that will make your phone slow down to a crawl. For android phone, higher the better. My Oneplus 6t is still rocking and it's all thanks to its 6go of ram and of course the good CPU that comes with it. But then I don't game on my phone. 😅
parishala 2 个月 前
I got the Note 9 after the 10 came out. When it finally dies I'm going to get another Note 9.
404_pageNotFound 2 个月 前
i would still be using my iphone x if i haven’t dropped lol. I dont use any protection case or screen protector tho
David Howcroft
David Howcroft 2 个月 前
Lol at the idea that three years is a long time to use a phone. I expect 4-6 or it's not worth buying.
Kissing Up To Linus To get Radeon 6000
Kissing Up To Linus To get Radeon 6000 2 个月 前
a comment to support the channel
flameshana9 2 个月 前
How long should your phone last you? Until it breaks because of actual wear and cannot be repaired because of actual damage instead of purposeful weakness.
Martin Amarilla
Martin Amarilla 2 个月 前
i use my phone for 3 years and then give it to my mom and she uses it for another 3 years. getting all our money’s worth out of it.
Pig Diamond
Pig Diamond 2 个月 前
Had my IPhone SE (gen 1) on day of release, then got an iPhone 12 just recently, upgraded with my data plan to get $400 off
Mohammad Rashad Ali Khan
Mohammad Rashad Ali Khan 2 个月 前
I am still using oneplus 3t my browsing experience is getting bad overtime, planning to get a phone with latest snapdragon processor
alfie gordon
alfie gordon 2 个月 前
Me with my galaxy s5 with no new battery since launch
Tom Mclain
Tom Mclain 2 个月 前
and now doordash has left me behind. iOS 13 required.
Mohammed Muraisi
Mohammed Muraisi 2 个月 前
I still have my galaxy s5 as a second phone with the same battery from 2014
Robert Toews
Robert Toews 2 个月 前
I've been using my Samsung Galaxy Alpha for 7 years now. Still works great. I'm on my 2nd battery, but this phone only takes 20 seconds to replace it. Pop the back cover off, replace, pop it back on. Far more advanced than trying to replace a "modern" phone's battery. 😉
rinu123 2 个月 前
New phones don't have a headphone jack so the ones from a few years ago better last forever.
Reno 2 个月 前
If smartphone has upgradable component such as ram, cpu, or maybe gpu, i think that would be wonderful.. unfortunatelly things like that exist before notch era of iphone x and then failed..
AUGE 2 个月 前
This was pretty useless.... Like all iphones are directly controlled by apple and all androids are controlled by google. Like on iphone 5 you can't donwload youtube anymore because OS is too old and you can't upgrade that... I mean what tf is not physically possible that they blocked youtube? Why then pcs from 15 years a go cna run youtube just fine... Same with android. Iam so mad that they put illogical limitations to apps (your device is too old message) for example. BUT WAIT if I downlaod the apk file... IT JUST RUNS FINE. WTF!!!? Can laws finally do something about this anti-consumer regime?
CMDR Kradenguard
CMDR Kradenguard 2 个月 前
still on my droid t2 from release year, it dies before the end of the day at about 15 to 30% battery, its slow and takes a minute to load apps sometimes. I need to upgrade but dont want to pay a grand
Bo Diddly
Bo Diddly 2 个月 前
FYI, low priced phones does not equal under-powered phones! My $150 phone from a couple of years ago, still beats some of the phones on offer at Apple and Samsung at more than half the price.
Dushyant Choudhary
Dushyant Choudhary 2 个月 前
This Video ends at wrong time; when it actually going to give information.
NonLegit Nation
NonLegit Nation 2 个月 前
anyone else triggers by him calling it a pro-cessor?
Johan Joe
Johan Joe 2 个月 前
About the cpu what if I get a phone with the infamous exynos 9611 chip but had a display and battery from phones double the price? I don't really game on it I just use it for videos and movies. Will it get too bad to use in the future?
Johan Joe
Johan Joe 2 个月 前
Me : laffs in 800mb ram 8gb rom and 4 hour battery samsung galaxy grand 2
Abraham L. Tobing
Abraham L. Tobing 2 个月 前
LG V40, still going nicely.
HDD Neptunia
HDD Neptunia 2 个月 前
My phone will be 4 later on this year. Huawei P20 Lite. Great budget phone :)) I wouldn't mind something a bit never though
ClayDog 2 个月 前
I get a new iPhone 📲 every year. That way I stay current
Xainfinen 2 个月 前
I kept my LG G2 for 9 years and only changed because performances started to severely decline to a point of being inoperable. A year ago, I bought a Mi9 as a replacement and i'm super happy about it, and i'll probably keep for 6 years.
Rkla88 2 个月 前
I have an original SE and it still holds up like it did when I bought it in 2016. All I use my phone for is iMessage, CNpost, web browsing, and email. I’m going to keep this phone until it can’t do those things anymore
Deepak Bhatti
Deepak Bhatti 2 个月 前
i just got my iPhone 11 Pro Max at launch and i’m defs getting the 13 Pro Max when it launches. my strategy will be to use apple care to replace the battery once it reaches 80% health then sell it before i get the new phone
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