Why This WEIRD USB Connector Exists (Type B)

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2 个月 前

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What's the point of the different types of USB connector?
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Geardos 小时 前
I have like 10 of these cables
Imaginated 3 天 前
Anyone who does robotics Arduino know this is the cord we have the most of 😂
Niemand 4 天 前
Others: Just use the Printer Me: You mean Satan?
Jwosh 8 天 前
what happens if you plug a type a male cable into two PCs?
Ishan Singh
Ishan Singh 8 天 前
printer is a shit it will never work when you need fucking box
Evan Trauner-Coady
Evan Trauner-Coady 8 天 前
I have a bunch of those, arduinos and a lot of simple IO boards use those, not to mention the 3D printers, and laser cutters of the world
Baron von Quiply
Baron von Quiply 10 天 前
My BOSS GT-1000 takes a type B cable. I don't use printers, if I hadn't had a cable in my basement from years ago I wouldn't have been able to update it.
Matias Bahamondes
Matias Bahamondes 13 天 前
I was going to say that Ethernet Is the protocol and not the connector but... eh.
Tomaz Tannhäuser
Tomaz Tannhäuser 14 天 前
The cable illustrated in the thumbnail never was really explained in the video.
SumeaBizarro 15 天 前
Type B is one of more robust connectors if you feel like anything smaller is needlessly too weak for your device. Many controllers for arcade inputs to USB such as BROOK Universal fighting board and some hobbyist things use type B connectors which makes it extra fun trying to find a USB A to B cable that is satisfyingly long and also hip and cool. It is bit sad it is "The printer cable" for most people but there is some number of fun uses the connector has.
Drazen Graves
Drazen Graves 17 天 前
My old Galaxy S5 had the USB 3 micro B connector,that thing was horrible. I just ended using regular USB 2 micro B cable
Frank Dillinger
Frank Dillinger 17 天 前
Still don’t know what that connector does or why it’s different from type a.
Nullified Person
Nullified Person 17 天 前
Every protogen out there: Finally a new bad dragon
TheGaming Sharieff
TheGaming Sharieff 17 天 前
Claim your “here before a million views” ticket here
Jon Loc
Jon Loc 18 天 前
0:41 My collection of audio interface cables would like to have a word with you.
SarahJRandomNumbers 18 天 前
It has nothing to do with power, otherwise your ethernet example wouldn't make sense with POE, and USB C wouldn't be a thing. IIRC, it's so you can't plug 2 USB hosts or devices together, then complain that stuff doesn't work.
TayTay 18 天 前
Never brings up the connector in the thumbnail. Lmao 🤣
Joseph Allen
Joseph Allen 19 天 前
You mentioned ethernet as an example of a cable that matches on both ends. While that's true, it's worth pointing out that the average ethernet patch cable can't connect two PCs together. At least, it couldn't without a feature added to network cards in the late 2000s.
Wesley Qumuaqtuq
Wesley Qumuaqtuq 21 天 前
For a quick vid it be nice to see how far people like there monitor (you did tv but that tv not monitor) 24inch 27inch maybe 32inch and do curved any Size/ultrawide any size At same time differently to the 24/27 inch
Drifter Zero
Drifter Zero 22 天 前
think i'm the 1% that needed this for midi and had a printer lying around
Jack Adams Daniels
Jack Adams Daniels 24 天 前
F printer man , hate those things
Tristan Hameleers
Tristan Hameleers 24 天 前
And the oldest and one of the best connector is the headphone jack.
Rafa Allegretti
Rafa Allegretti 24 天 前
Printers can smell fear. The closer you are to the deadline of whatever you're trying to print, the harder it gets.
CheezeWuz 24 天 前
I never noticed that was just a micro usb extended...
subwarpspeed 25 天 前
Maybe a follow up on USB Type-C. And the alternate modes - Display Port, MHL (does anything use that?), HDMI and thunderbolt. Great - everything use the same connector! Now you just have to read the manual for the docking station to understand which connector you can use because on the front it's for data, on the back it's one for either DP or HMDI alt mode (which can't be used when HDMI port is used) and then tacked on the further away is the TB3 alt mode port. Talking about the Dell WD19TB. And it spawns other confusions. I had to do whac-a-mole once on people suggesting a usb-c to HDMI adapter when a person wanted to connect a raspberry pi to a screen with USB-C (turned out to be one of those smaller accessory screens from Asus, using DP alternate mode). A USB-C to HDMI adapter is first the wrong male/female for this and even if adaptered (easy if instead was a docking port screen which have type-c receptable) the fact is that one needs a special active device that takes HDMI input and outputs it to USB-C alternate mode (preferable displayport which seems more used).
subwarpspeed 25 天 前
Recently I bought a USB 3.0 switch of amazon, it's one of those where the designers went-non standard. It's not your normal hub but instead have two inputs and 4 outputs and a micro-b receptable for extra power. So a physical button switches between the inputs and the outputs are just 4 ports out from a USB 3.0 hub. Problem is the inputs, they are type-A (full size) in both ends. This device draws power from the computers or is supplied so definitely shouldn't have type-A ports. Too thin for Type-B 3.0 but they could have used micro-b 3.0 as James showed. Finding a short short (15 cm) USB 3.0 type-a to type-a cable turned up empty. A 2 m variant would also be nice (seen 1m and 3m. If found a 2m it was probably too expensive so I bought a 1m usb 3 extension cable.
Charles Fasano
Charles Fasano 28 天 前
I have a few HDD Enclosures 3.5 and 2.5 in both 2.0 and 3.0 that use USB-A on the enclosure so it is possible for it to work using the same connector on both ends. What gives?
aTTaX Media
aTTaX Media 29 天 前
USB Type B is also widely used in music production equipment (audio interfaces, midi controllers)
baylinkdashyt 个月 前
So... misleading thumbnail: you never said why the non-Micro 3.0B connector exists.
StutZ 个月 前
Am i the only one who immediately paused after he said usb turret and searched it up on Amazon?
Defence Bangladesh
Defence Bangladesh 个月 前
Morning Boss
Tim M
Tim M 个月 前
Not only does google (scan to email) think my hp printer is not a device to be trusted and will block it even after you allow untrusted 3rd party devices. The printer ink is a scam I have literally never printed in color but you can not print in black with out 3 different color cartridges. These cartridges literally don't last more than a couple months.
ColdfeetMc.Cheems 个月 前
I like how this video came out right as I got one to update my monitor
Loïck Dirøll - Unkorneglosk
Loïck Dirøll - Unkorneglosk 个月 前
Surprisingly, you put the USB 3.0 B connector on the thumbnail, titled "Why THIS connector...." but you don't put it in your video ? 😅 Actually I managed to have one. It's on m'y 3.5/2.5' HDD/SSD dock ^^ Oh and printing over wifi is far simpler from Linux/Ubuntu than from Windows. At least with Epson printers.
digital subliminal messages
digital subliminal messages 个月 前
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Brian Pshyk
Brian Pshyk 个月 前
you failed to mention USB mini!
Aiden MacLeod
Aiden MacLeod 个月 前
JoshJLMG Productions
JoshJLMG Productions 个月 前
USB C is great and everything, but I'm hoping there's a revision of it with the retention mechanism inside the cable itself, rather than the port.
David Calman
David Calman 个月 前
The one in the thumbnail was never explicitly mentioned but it's the full-size B 3.0
ANSARI5X5 个月 前
I have a 3.5 internal HDD case that uses USB 3 to USB B cable
FactorYLabS 个月 前
Alright LTT I'm going to have to dislike this video. Title and thumbnail are clickbait. I thought I was learning about the obscure USB 3B connector insead I got a short history of USB plugs and you never even covered the USB type supposedly being referenced in the thumbnail....
SlovenMalaphor 个月 前
With USB Type C, Which you can... C here B-)
Uthman Baksh
Uthman Baksh 个月 前
Suggestion for video: why do printers suck ass?
Dalton McCabe
Dalton McCabe 个月 前
It's been like 40 years and we still don't have easy to use, smart printers 🙄
Luca van der knaap
Luca van der knaap 个月 前
"There aren't a whole lot of other devices that use it". WOW, you guys really dropped the ball on this one... Ahum... *clearing throat* ... Printers, scanners, external audio interfaces, monitors, mixers, usb hubs, connectivity hubs (with different ports), serial port converters (e.g. RS232), arduino microcontrollers, active interfaced speakers, home cinema sets, amplifiers, pen tablets, drum computers, literally any synthesizer (that being said, actually pretty much every device that has to do with music recording or audio, after firewire died). *pause to take breath* Routers, docking stations, camera applications, robot automations (that's right we're rhyming now). Any form of electronic interfacing (e.g. oscilloscopes, multimeters). Like really. There are a massive ton of devices that use USB-B connectors. Next to that. The thumbnail actually shows a usb 3.0 B connector, which is not the one you guys talk about. I used to like this channel. Now it just feels like a cashgrab by posting dumb video's with false information. Shame on you!
wisico640 个月 前
Just a note; USB B connectors are common in the Sound/Lights/DJ (dying*) industry they are used on Lights & DJ controllers. I probably have a 8+ lying arround :)
Gabriel 个月 前
You guys.... didn't answer your own question...
Lip stick
Lip stick 个月 前
Fry's closed!!!!!!! Where do we go, now????? I'm not shopping at, BB!!!!!
Roger Foster
Roger Foster 个月 前
Micro Center?
Dylan the Indonesian
Dylan the Indonesian 个月 前
I still use those
Franklin Allen
Franklin Allen 个月 前
It was universal until type C, in that the end that connects to the PC was always the same. Also any "USB" connector that has more than 2 data wires isn't technically USB, it is UPB, as it sends data in parallel, not serial.
shutseal7206 个月 前
You can transfer a pdf over it...
Star Lord
Star Lord 个月 前
Using printer wirelessly on PC/Notebook, uhh this gives me nightmares...
EasonTekReviews 个月 前
2:03 type c can achieve this. FireWire/Thunderbolt too!
Zach_C 个月 前
Me who already knew this but watched the video anyway
Izzy Ace Dolphin
Izzy Ace Dolphin 个月 前
3:39 I feel a printer video/rant coming soon. SOOOO much wrong with printers. Someone make a good one allready
Izzy Ace Dolphin
Izzy Ace Dolphin 个月 前
2:51 I agree. Those MicroUsb3Extended or what evet there called are terrible. My usb hub has one and it always comes loose and Im never sure if its ACTUALLY plugged in. Micro USB in general also sucks. My headphones use micro USB and it always falls out. Can EVERYTHING just be usb c allready
ChaosSwissroIl 个月 前
How can there "only be upstream" with DC? Either I'm misunderstanding something or that was a really poor choice of words.
Tim Adams
Tim Adams 个月 前
Wow, had a genuine eureka moment.
yasio bolo
yasio bolo 个月 前
Do an episode on why printer are always difficult.
Frog 4096
Frog 4096 个月 前
Interesting that apparently printer manufacturers often don’t include a cable. All three printers I have had included all of the necessary cables, power, USB, and if they were fax-capable, a phone cord. One of them even included a nice flat Ethernet cable as well. Two of them are HP, one is a Brother.
David Haney
David Haney 个月 前
HDMI carries power...
Kevin 个月 前
Anyone know how long Gigabyte GPU RMA is? I got a Gigabyte Windforce 2070 super and one of the fan died.
yasio bolo
yasio bolo 个月 前
James sounds like Kermit the Frog and Bill Gates.
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon 个月 前
Do an episode on why printer are always difficult.
tutacat 个月 前
I've never plugged in a printer over USB
TheMightyKinkle 个月 前
I've used USB B for years on touchscreens and receipt printers
TheMightyKinkle 个月 前
I like it how you didn't actually talk about that weird USB connector in the thumbnail 🙃
Aimee Crawford
Aimee Crawford 个月 前
Luckily my printer is wireless and has worked flawlessly for 8 years... cause I can only imagine the pain of trying to find one of those cables
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon 个月 前
another devise use it.
Jacob Long
Jacob Long 个月 前
James! Where's the clickbait connector from the thumbnail?
Rannon 个月 前
Ah yes, the printer. Mine decided that there's no paper, at all, in the world. So now it's just a scanner and has been for the last 5-10 years or so.
Jamie Shultz
Jamie Shultz 个月 前
I learned a thing today!
ASOTFAN16 个月 前
Did you know you can charge your powerbank with your powerbank? You just plug a USB-A to USB-Micro B cable from a type A port to the micro B port and it will charge itself using itself! #FreeEnergy
Peter Nicholls
Peter Nicholls 个月 前
I recall reading one of the original designers of usb saying the original standard was made simpler to keep the cost down.
Andrew Cool
Andrew Cool 个月 前
Is it really hard to figure out a printer?
Baba Gandu
Baba Gandu 个月 前
My amp uses the USB-B connector for the DAC
SuperWolfkin 个月 前
wait...is this a bit? They actually ignored the USB 3.0 Type B connector in the thumbnail? ha.
shotarcherZ 个月 前
0:33 did you mean 3DS
Benderdick Cumbersnatch
Benderdick Cumbersnatch 个月 前
James sounds like Kermit the Frog and Bill Gates.
Attila Deák
Attila Deák 个月 前
The only computer hardware what i actually hate: printers! Lets burn them ALL!!!!!!!!!
TigerChuu 个月 前
Midi Keyboards always use a weird USB connector, as a music producer it's so annoying because if I forget the cable chances are I wont find another one easily
StaySic4Ever 个月 前
Yeah Type-C to be everywhere is the idea.
mrbunnylamakins 个月 前
I have about 50 of USB-B in a box due to people using their old printer cable when getting their new printers and not even opening them. Besides a printer I never used or seen another devise use it.
Rick Hornsby
Rick Hornsby 个月 前
erm. Ethernet cables can carry power and have identical connectors on both ends.
Omni Byte
Omni Byte 个月 前
what about the universal transfer cable which is usb-a on both sides?
imark7777777 个月 前
Forgot about the Mini B connector my personal favorite. And the USB 3.0 B connector in the thumbnail. There is also a bit of the standard not just for power as it had the directionality due to host and device distinctions that is until peoples mouse's started being computers on their own. Oh and you should do one on firewire and how it's nowhere near the same as USB and unofficial unstandardized FireWire to USB adapters/cables can fry things!
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni 个月 前
"you won't find other devices with usb B" *cries in arduino*
FangerZero 个月 前
All I want to know, printers have been around as long if not longer then the computer, why the hell is it so complicated. They are extremely unreliable.
anub1s15 个月 前
i'm using my printer wirelessly over wifi and it tends to work fine (there was a period where windows was REFUSING to recognize it untill i uninstalled the driver and had windows look for the printer...every damn time i used it) but when i got the printer and for the last i wanna say 8 month's or so it's been ez. turn on printer, open scan or send whatever you want to print to it and it does it's thing.
Custom Pc
Custom Pc 个月 前
A TECH PCs. CNpost channel... Yall should check it out..
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni 个月 前
"Mini" connectors were't even mentioned. 'Cause those were a thing too before the "micro" connectors.
Benjamin Padilla
Benjamin Padilla 个月 前
James has never heard of mini hdmi
Nathan Mcintyre
Nathan Mcintyre 个月 前
Hate to be that guy but what's the song in the background? Shazam didn't work with no break in talking 😅
Garlic Bread the Producer
Garlic Bread the Producer 个月 前
Dude. Why did you not explain every type of USB except the one in the thumbnail
Jesper Hammarlund
Jesper Hammarlund 个月 前
who cares? we have USB C now. so we dont need USB A and B anymore why even make this video with USB C u can plug in the hosts in both ends
Sam Delfavero
Sam Delfavero 个月 前
"This is a type B connector [...] there aren't a whole lot of other devices that use it" Music Equipment: Am I a joke to you?
Clive Bradley
Clive Bradley 个月 前
So where is the strange connector you reeled me in with? I hate this type of scam so I'll never watch one of yours again
Will Bar
Will Bar 个月 前
you skipped right over mini USB and when straight to micro USB. Im still rocking mini USB since both my dash cams use it, my usb hub, my harmony one remote ( yah I know its a old model ).
Matt Spooner
Matt Spooner 个月 前
What you mean? I have never plugged into my printer. I wirelessly print everything for at least the last 5yrs
daniel brown
daniel brown 个月 前
Bur but but ethernet cable supports power. And I like my 3th option for printing, via cat5
Tyrian2k 个月 前
(1:59) USB host-to-host www.datapro.net/products/usb-2-0-host-to-host-cable.html#:~:text=The%20USB%202.0%20host%2Dto,have%20a%20free%20USB%20port www.amazon.de/Goobay-Aktives-USB-Data-Link-Kabel-Daten%C3%BCbertragung/dp/B00PI7ZB9U Not a normal a-to-a cable tho, it's a crossover cable. But it can be done.
8packK 个月 前
I've had so many fights with my printers in the past that I still tend to avoid trouble shooting them. Whenever a less techsavvy friend/family member asks for my help. I usually say, I don't understand printers. 🤣
alun roberts
alun roberts 个月 前
You are so wrong I have a type A to A lead for a web cam also a A to A with a box in the center that is for PC to PC
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