Is This AMD's Secret Weapon? - Smart Access Memory

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3 个月 前

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Could Smart Access Memory help AMD beat Nvidia - or will it also end up helping their rivals?
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Tanuj Fernando
Tanuj Fernando 个月 前
Loved the video, but I really think they should get those pronunciations correct. Still feels kind of lazy to just apologize for a mistake like that, especially if it's just at the start of the video
Alexander Lee
Alexander Lee 2 个月 前
So stoked for Nvidia's resizable BAR support to come to my Intel 10600k/Nvidia RTX 3070 system this march!
david davud
david davud 2 个月 前
Laura Brown
Laura Brown 2 个月 前
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Yu Tub
Yu Tub 2 个月 前
AMD: "out of stock" Nvidia: "fck off. We only sell to scalpers and miners."
James Gray
James Gray 3 个月 前
Poop Break lol
is Boto
is Boto 3 个月 前
Just stop, nvs 310 enters the chat 🔫🔫🔫
Eric Johns
Eric Johns 3 个月 前
I realize you can't sit there like a statue. But damn dude! You look like you're doing your video in sign language. Do yourself a favor and quit swinging your arms around like you're trying to put out a fire.
Lemniscate 3 个月 前
But how would this be for creators? Does it have any effect?
Don James
Don James 3 个月 前
i love LTT but im going to start just disliking videos with click bait titles that makes a video appear to be something its not hell i though a new cpu was coming out.
MrSupersheep3000 3 个月 前
God dam these thumbnails are getting annoying af
Imperium Commenting Network
Imperium Commenting Network 3 个月 前
"Is this AMD's secret weapon" I thought AMD build the CPU array for the death star, that wasn't enough of a secret weapon for them?
Nekminute 3 个月 前
bottlenekkin my 3090 with my 9900KS
Caleb Brown
Caleb Brown 3 个月 前
I got the notification for this video and it was posted four day ago????
ENDER360Hz 3 个月 前
My favorite GpU is the one on my Nokia 3390. Amazing
Nobody Uknow
Nobody Uknow 3 个月 前
AMD's secret weapon is SO secret that you can't have it... Because AMD doesn't produce products, they only advertise them...
Dwayne Stimpson
Dwayne Stimpson 3 个月 前
Promote new products you cant
Clau GM CMG AND PC STUF !!! 3 个月 前
Yes that is very nice and will hoping to see it. With how about reverse software so you can use more RAM if you got more than 8 gigs or 16 gb of ddr4 or ddr3 . And also to try to use much better the ssd and m.2 pls . things that everybody should be working on . Because not everybody will have the brand new 20 gb video cards . from the looks of it it's going to be a very very nasty financial crisis coming up. And only for the the ballers. Maybe they will have money to buy brand new stuff . For the rest we have to keep the money for food. Another survival essentials. Also electric bill internet and blidings Maintenance bil . Also fod bill the phone bill . And the rest... I think it's going to be hard yes. I sincerely hope not . but I do not know how. God bless
J024 3 个月 前
your BIAWS ?
JackTheRIP 3 个月 前
Bruh amd destory intel and now they pull out a secert weapon
j g
j g 3 个月 前
Saying that SAM is to promote their newest products isn't fully accurate. While I have no doubt that had an effect, SAM really needs a lot of driver work, resizable bar has been frankensteined to work on intel, geforce and older and products with results being even performance losses in a few senarios. Theirs a reason Nvidia didn't just flip a switch and get this feature enabled, will probably be available in my best guess for their 3000 series about the same time as amd dlss (shot in the dark as no one really knows)
Alan Jaimes
Alan Jaimes 3 个月 前
What the actual crap was this episode seems like they stir up something last meeting to meet a deadline
R.A.P.H 3 个月 前
My Bar is resizable for sure ;)
Ian Bell
Ian Bell 3 个月 前
It shouldn't have hurt you to practice his name a few times!
Curt Devine
Curt Devine 3 个月 前
James is making so much money being a host
FeanorBR 3 个月 前
So the best this gen is an AMD CPU + Nvidia GPU I suppose?
Luca van der knaap
Luca van der knaap 3 个月 前
stop stupid clickbait pls. Getting really annoying
Chris 3 个月 前
If you're looking for a gpu, you probably noticed that prices are 3x retail...
PsychoLucario 3 个月 前
supposidly ecc memory (and the lack of it on consumer side of things) is another one of those legacy problems, we should have it, but thanks to intel back in the day not supporting it, nobody makes mobos and dims for it, so consequently nobody builds support for it
PsychoLucario 3 个月 前
currently the best gpu is the one you can buy, so a GTX 1030 Ti, (god help us)
Jacob Concannon
Jacob Concannon 3 个月 前
Does this work with rtx 30 series?
Mr Critic
Mr Critic 3 个月 前
Basically soon we will have GPU sockets on the motherboards.
RaWR 3 个月 前
Ruben Evens
Ruben Evens 3 个月 前
The worst part is that I laughed with the joke about his name. I'm sorry Nish.
Muhammad Adam Zhuhri
Muhammad Adam Zhuhri 3 个月 前
I see james I click
Kvitrafn 3 个月 前
Ni-la-lo-ja-nan Neelalojanan means one with blue eyes. Neela means blue, Lojanam means eyes & Lojanan means one with eyes (Dravidian languages).
lightgorm 3 个月 前
When is nvidia roling out this feature? I plan to buy 3080 since december so I will be able to pick one up prety soon in around 2 to 4 years hope its ready by then.
Nico 3 个月 前
A weapon to surpass Metal Gear?!
naveen can
naveen can 3 个月 前
Neelalojanan wow a tamil. I love it😍😍😍
Daniel Jensen
Daniel Jensen 3 个月 前
I'm glad the RTX 3000 series is compatible with my 32 bit cpu...
Joshua Nathan
Joshua Nathan 3 个月 前
I really don't intel to die I have only used computers with there cpus because that is what I was given. I don't know how good amd chips are I don't know how good t there Linux drivers are. So Intel will keep a special place in my heart as the cpus that brought me to computing. But if I had my own money I would buy an amd cpu I can't waste a dime.
El Cool Low
El Cool Low 3 个月 前
Enable it on 5000 series
Vipul Singh
Vipul Singh 3 个月 前
Bro I am an Indian and even I can't properly pronounce hi surname.
Will the_thrill
Will the_thrill 3 个月 前
How does this differ from nVidia supporting hardware accelerated GPU scheduling? Thanks
Michael Skinner
Michael Skinner 3 个月 前
Whatever happened to Tegra? Is it just going to be for cars/industrial use, and the Switch? Will it ever get a future in laptops/chromebooks or tablets again? Windows? What about STEAM on ARM, like gaming on the M-1? Will it happen to Windows and Linux? And if the Switch gets Xavier, will Cyberpunk come to it? (With a reduction in resolution, ofcourse)
Farrukh Najmi
Farrukh Najmi 3 个月 前
i hate amd
Tech360 3 个月 前
0:28 You almost had it just had one too many "la"s.
R H M Sohag Milon_2021
R H M Sohag Milon_2021 3 个月 前
What is the difference between core & threads?
Luca Mazzola
Luca Mazzola 3 个月 前
ScorpioX` 3 个月 前
your microphone gain is too high
Kiran Pasupuleti
Kiran Pasupuleti 3 个月 前
The target viewer of these videos do not need a click bait
ilovefunnyamv2nd 3 个月 前
Hey Linus, the titles got Clickbait-y again, can we get the titles (at least tech quickie) to include a search friendly sub-title again? Like "Graphics Cards getting Resizable BAR" This is definitely a video I'll want to watch again with my next pc update cycle
Sean Price
Sean Price 3 个月 前
sounds like this could be really effective with HBM in GPU compute applications. or probably already has been in the high end server world.
K HT 3 个月 前
Teleprompter causing big problems? lol
Arda0876 3 个月 前
I love how AMD shares their new stuff to others even though they try to ruin their business
Advent TuB
Advent TuB 3 个月 前
Why do people complain like what is the point? Is it just to feel better about yourself? So much negative energy is not good for your health. Love your life and save y po ur energy by just not typing your bitchy little complaints.
Rohith Kumar
Rohith Kumar 3 个月 前
Neell..aalo.. janan
Zikri Adam
Zikri Adam 3 个月 前
I think the title should be 'AMD Smart Access Memory As Fast As Possible'
Modern_arrow 669
Modern_arrow 669 3 个月 前
I think future content should be telling each motherboard. What I said is unboxing motherboard and other stuff. It maybe work for new pc builder.
Aleks Jenner
Aleks Jenner 3 个月 前
Instead of apologising for mispronouncing this man’s name, actually fucking learn it. It’s insulting and disrespectful.
Kastor 3 个月 前
Cmon dude the guy worked with you directly and you couldn't pronounce his name right? That's kinda disrespectful don't you think?
zodiacfml 3 个月 前
Impressive gains from Hardware Unbox review of this feature, should enable this even before overclocking
StaySic4Ever 3 个月 前
Really it's a neat feature for modern hardware, number of games show a very good gain just by this. To mention, games were made with limit before this too.
Iván Luis Rodríguez
Iván Luis Rodríguez 3 个月 前
Will this work combining a Ryzen CPU and a nvidia GPU? 🤔
absolutelystupid 3 个月 前
James... Strayab? Streeb? Stribe?
Saber SMAW
Saber SMAW 3 个月 前
So having a Ryzen 5 3600 coupled with a Pulse 5500XT I cannot enable RE-Size Bar Support to work on my X570 MB?
EraYaN 3 个月 前
1:04 That highlighted 256 bit GPU memory bus is quite unrelated to the 256MB maximum size of the BAR allocation I think
AVG 3 个月 前
SAM more like SmArT aCcEsS MeMoRy
Leny 3 个月 前
This channel lost it's essence, now it's just like LTT but faster, shouldn't exist anymore.
Dudeomfgstfux 3 个月 前
Techquicke is one of the best informative channels on CNpost, it’ll be really helpful if you could at least put the topic of the video after the click-bait title so we know what it’s actually about. Make it stand out from the wacky “entertainment” LTT videos
Randy Thompson
Randy Thompson 3 个月 前
I love you, James, but I'm a bit disappointed here. You couldn't take just a little bit of time to make sure you could get the dude's name right that contributed so much to the video? What's the reasoning behind that choice? Ask the dude, repeat it back to make sure you got it right, record. It's the nice, respectful thing to do. As always, for everything else, keep up the good work everyone.
Crispy K
Crispy K 3 个月 前
Just gotta love AMD. Don't see many others do this and share it with their competitors.
Matteo Gamba
Matteo Gamba 3 个月 前
So the 256MB limit was because of the bus width? Does AMD cards with HBM have this limitations?
Jojo 3 个月 前
you couldnt just ask him how to pronounce his name?
Joe Siegel
Joe Siegel 3 个月 前
Show some respect and learn to say someone’s name, especially if they helped you create the video. That was very disrespectful.
ifsck 3 个月 前
Seriously. Get the proper pronunciation and do a take until you get it right. That was absolutely shameful to be so casually dismissive.
Sanyu Tumusiime
Sanyu Tumusiime 3 个月 前
the dude that you asked questions to ids from oxford university
Bhupender Singh
Bhupender Singh 3 个月 前
Why am I getting ads with Linus in it, 😂😂 it feels like it's part of the video 😂
Seigmoraig 3 个月 前
Maybe the answer is to stop supporting obsolete CPUs ? I mean Microsoft doesn't even sell 32bit versions of Windows anymore. If you want a 1500$ gpu for your 10 year old computer, maybe it's time to think about upgrading the whole thing
pino de vogel
pino de vogel 3 个月 前
It's a dumb feature atm as in half the games it costs performance so the better solution is to not use it at all and get a solid average. And this sounds a awefull lot like a amd commercial. It's not a amd feature its a pcie-e feature amd decided to use but only if you pay more.
Senthil Nathan
Senthil Nathan 3 个月 前
The video is ok. But why the need to purposefully mis-pronounce the name of the guy at the beginning? Was it supposed to be comedy? Cause it is not. You could simply have asked the person how to call them or pronounce their name (given the fact that you knew you would be making this video beforehand and would need to say his name). I respect you for the video, but I can’t let this slide as this is indeed a form of racism where you think “English” sounding names are normal and any other “foreign” name is something you can poke fun at. This is not ok. Yeah, you said “I’m so sorry” but why apologise for something that could have just been avoided? Unsubbed.
Eugeniu Papanaga
Eugeniu Papanaga 3 个月 前
Everything is useless because you cannot find any AMD product😀😅
Ömer Gülcü
Ömer Gülcü 3 个月 前
AMD deserves all love and respect because it is working for improving the whole industry, not just selling more. It is the only company bringing competition and evolution to both CPUs and GPUs, forcing everyone to get better. And now, they are not using the Smart Access memory feature to force other people to go all AMD. Instead, they are working with Intel and Nvidia for compatibility. I wish all companies were like AMD. (Microsoft & others take notes)
Kamil Löschl
Kamil Löschl 3 个月 前
If they say it`s "an average of 6%" that usually means it`s within the margin of error, or nothing at all. If it was really 6% they would say 10% PERFORMANCE INCREASE everywhere up and down on the marketing material!
Half Dead
Half Dead 3 个月 前
Lol I have a 5600x on a B550 board and an RX6800, and I haven't bothered turning SAM on.
Aurobindo Ghosh
Aurobindo Ghosh 3 个月 前
will vendors be angry with you if consumers begin making their own computers after they watch all your videos?
Baseplate 3 个月 前
Geoffrey Straw
Geoffrey Straw 3 个月 前
I am an amd fanboy pretty bad. Got burned by intel with the 6000 series intel chips and am still pissed off. HOWEVER AMD did NOT create sam tech. They are implementing resizable bar tech from pcie gen 3 specs. They are using it not creating it!
Ζαχαριας Αλ αλαμι
Ζαχαριας Αλ αλαμι 3 个月 前
What was that about frying a CPU?
Pingu 3 个月 前
Is their excuse for promoting a new unique feature, that everyone else will have in short period of time anyway? lol
Prickly Peppy
Prickly Peppy 3 个月 前
If Amd is helping Nvidia with this, then Nvidia should be helping AMD with Dlss :)
iye_Viking 3 个月 前
I just hope the NVidia smart access memory thing works with AMD’s CPUs too
Servius The Bear
Servius The Bear 3 个月 前
I like this idea. I cant wait till it will work between my Ryzen n my 2070 Super.
Sebastian S. G. H
Sebastian S. G. H 3 个月 前
STOP JUSING 32 BIT END LETD UPGRADE ALL TO 128 BITS!!!! YES ITS expensive but stop whit botolnek
Zachary Tribou
Zachary Tribou 3 个月 前
Still waiting for thread ripper 5000 series
Miroslav Houdek
Miroslav Houdek 3 个月 前
Soooooo, why exactly is the 256bit bus bandwidth highlighted @1:01 ? I mean, you can squint your eyes and imagine that the spec sheet contains some reference to the 256 mbytes limit he's talking about, but why tho
Nick slik T. Leep
Nick slik T. Leep 3 个月 前
tell Linus to make a video showing us how to enable this on a few different machines...
Josh 3 个月 前
clickbait title, and awkward abundance of hand gestures.
gameflux 3 个月 前
Cool !
B. Skull
B. Skull 3 个月 前
"The Holy Trinity" 😂😂
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The Jaxson Video Blog 3 个月 前
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