PCI Express 6.0 Is A Big Deal!

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3 个月 前

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Is PCI Express 6.0 overkill or will it have real consequences?
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daniel 16 天 前
this'll really help on my motherboard from 2002 that almost died when i updated my bios hahahahhahahhahahahahahahaha kill me
Yggdrasill4 20 天 前
Should we trash our PCI 5.0 motherboards for the 6.0?
Vecto 26 天 前
He said data instead of data
ltd 27 天 前
pcie 5.0 next year with ddr5
Teier Myler
Teier Myler 27 天 前
2:48 I thought that was Linus for a sec
kheav mady
kheav mady 29 天 前
still use pcie 2.0
Kissing Up To Linus To get Radeon 6000
Kissing Up To Linus To get Radeon 6000 个月 前
a comment to support the channel
Dave Maison
Dave Maison 个月 前
"Having the fattest pipe possible huehuehue", premium...
Krane 个月 前
But what of DisplayPort 2.0? Released last year, when are manufactures going to start incorporating that into their cards and products? With over 1.5 time the data rate of HDMI 2.1 (48 Gps vs 77 Gps), it will be able to supports resolutions up to 16K along with higher refresh rates. Imagine two 8K monitors @ 120 Hz. Or choose 4K and increase that to 144 Hz. What are manufacturers waiting for Riley...Christmas?
DALEK_77 YT 个月 前
Me: PCIe 6... coo- My Computer: 3. Take it or leave it.
chitanya anand
chitanya anand 个月 前
Don't worry PCIe 5.0 itself has fragile market as other improved protocols like CXL Gen-Z occupying space of PCIe.
DruffilaX 个月 前
so we will have PCI Express 6.0 earlier then we even need 5.0
AmeliaBuns 个月 前
this would be useful for external GPUs and getting more out of a simple motherboard without many PCI lanes. assuming it doesn't make it 100x more expensive
AmeliaBuns 个月 前
theoretically if lane speed was all the issue here and if it worked like that, just 2 wires would be equivalent of a pci 3.0x16 a GPU needs. and you'd get negligible performance with 1 wire (is it both ways?!) how the fuck do these people manage these things. this makes me so into computer science. i can't wait to study it! right now with lame microcontrollers even a dumb few kb/s transmition is a bit weird. let alone 126 FREAKING gb/s!
Laura Brown
Laura Brown 2 个月 前
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Andreas Xirtus
Andreas Xirtus 2 个月 前
Hackers 1995: v6 is 3x faster than the pentium.. Risk architecture is going to change everything. Yeah but not just that has a pci bus..." ...omg it's happening.
Tommy pallie
Tommy pallie 2 个月 前
The richest people in the world probably have PS5 and Xbox Series X with PCIE 6.0, thats my dream :-)
jek230 2 个月 前
Pls help, is pci e 3.0 future proof or should i go for a pci 4.0 setup? I mean, is pci e 3.0 enough for a RTX 3090 or RTX 3080?
R F 2 个月 前
Gotta have that realistic looking ray tracing in my holodeck.
Steel YT!
Steel YT! 2 个月 前
The thumbnail looks like a failed poggers
Lucas Edwards
Lucas Edwards 2 个月 前
Good info.. but I actually gave you a like for letting me know about Brilliant 😆
DanielThePear 2 个月 前
What? How is there PCIe 6.0 if most of us haven't even gotten to 4.0?
Jared Hohman
Jared Hohman 2 个月 前
None of the listed uses need anywhere near the bandwidth of 6.0, let alone 3.0
KEEVVY 2 个月 前
Good I didn’t upgrade my motherboard yet
Graham Cantin
Graham Cantin 2 个月 前
hey hey, teranerd here. So, there's a big deal going on right now (2018-2021) with AMD's Ryzen-derived designs. See, turns out AMD's processing cores actually don't have memory interfaces at all. They have a PCI Express bus link, which they brand Infinity Fabric. And behind that PCI Express link is a licensed DDR4 controller from Synopsis DesignWare. This is VERY different than previous generation designs, or even most intel designs with the DDR controller nestled by the processing cores. AMD reuses the Ryzen design for Threadripper and EPYC, just more dies on a carrier package. This means that, the faster the PCIe link, the faster you can get to "main" memory -- or in another fashion, which ENTERPRISE rack servers are moving to... 256GB of DDR4 on a PCIe "SSD" carrier, instead of flash. This ALSO means that Peer-to-Peer DMA between say, a GPU and that memory will also go faster without involving the CPU... Although, Cache Coherancy with the CPU's L3 becomes an issue. Fortunately, this was addressed as part of the PCIe 5.0 spec, with the addition of Compute Express Link (CXL) and Gen-Z Consortiums' standards into the specifications. PCIe 6.0 may lead us to the land where the CPU package you buy doesn't have a memory controller at all, nor traditional "main" memory slots at all. Just a bunch of PCIe X16 slots, and maybe some HBM on the CPU package for L3/L4/L5 caching. Wouldn't expect much more than 4GB/8GB/16GB in-package. (We have 40MB - 128MB of L3 in current 2020/2021 designs.) The kicker though: AMD's basing their enterprise offering on the following prospect: "Multiples of the consumer-grade offering, integrated." Threadripper's two or four ryzen dies, as is EPYC. This is the inverse of the general way Intel works, offering consumers "Slices of the enterprise-grade offering, charge extra for feature enablement" as that model has worked for them in the enterprise world, such as RAID enablement tokens, and Remote management enablement tokens, where they can charge in excess of USD$100 for a 30 cent 1KB storage chip loaded with a license block. Look at pictures of the intel S2600 design, for example. Many of the server boards have two SAS connectors on the motherboard for 8 SAS channels... However, without the license key expansion installed, one of them is completely disabled, and the other is forcibly locked to only allow four SATA devices, and will refuse to interact with SAS devices at all. The other big thing this brings is the prospect of the first home supercomputing devices. Picture a standard desktop chassis of today, but with two or four "Ryzen+Radeon APU on a PCIe card" processing cards with Type-C ports, two 128GB memory PCIe cards with Type-C ports, A GPU processing card with Type-C ports, and a bunch of USB4+/Thunderbolt Type-C ports acting as displayports, 4 lane PCIe expansion, and the human interface devices. Just a whole back panel full of Type-C ports to make up for the "ten" type A ports on a typical motherboard of today. The other thing to look for soon is a smart display that has a PCIe GPU in it's chassis, available to a host computer over a Type-C PCIeX4 link, for the "laptop gaming" market. The other thing you can expect is for bridges to come on the market soon, that will for example, take a PCIe 3.0 X16 link to a PCIe 5.0 X4 link over Type-C, allowing for the full bus bandwidth of a 2014-2020 GPU over a commodity cable. This will be one of the critical items needed for such a smart display. Personally, I'm rather excited for home supercomputing this decade. Everything is converging on being some sort of PCI Express peripheral, either over the traditional physical slot interface, or the type-C connector with Thunderbolt support saturation.
Mateusz Janowski
Mateusz Janowski 2 个月 前
So 6.0 is only double from 5.0? I expected more after looking at the title
MicHaeL MonStaR
MicHaeL MonStaR 2 个月 前
The arguments for needing those speeds are still pointless. "All at the same time...", which you don't really do. - And "all the cloud services"?... I don't know what all there is for cloud-services, I don't think I use more than one, let alone how that needs PCIe 6.0. - Perhaps this is something for when I'm elderly and I've thrown out all the computer-stuff I won't care about anymore.
NullPoEx 2 个月 前
We're going back to analog eventually. I can feel it. Also, this is going to be a nightmare for board developers. Signal quality and interference are going to play havoc with this. They're going to require bus isolation and shielding.
Google Sucks
Google Sucks 2 个月 前
How long will it be before we can just get rid of RAM?
Infinite Gaming
Infinite Gaming 2 个月 前
PCI Express 6.0 Is A Big Deal! except its not.
some random npc
some random npc 2 个月 前
If a technique like PAM4 is pheasible then I wanna see it in thunderbolt 5 plz
Wolfies Feathered Friends Friendly Chickens
Wolfies Feathered Friends Friendly Chickens 2 个月 前
I use pcie 6.0
Brian Hansen
Brian Hansen 2 个月 前
Why does he behave like an idiot?
JaayOnPC 2 个月 前
When you say data do you mean like Dayta? Sorry im english
AdonisGaming93 2 个月 前
Shouldn't 5.0 comes first?
ArslanDlion 2 个月 前
Now That's a lot of Data!
Fred Derf
Fred Derf 2 个月 前
The current best GPUs can't saturate a 3.0 PCI bus so any Woo Hooing about 6.0 is just stupid.
Ocean Sky
Ocean Sky 2 个月 前
Im still on 2.0 and I only have one 16x slot for my gpu and two 1x slots... for which I plan to put an eSATA and a UBS 3.0 card because thats right I have an SSD running literally half speed because I'm stuck at sata 2 on my H61 LGA1155 chipset and 4 gigs of RAM. Think of trying to get myself up to 8 gigs and maybe upgrade the i5 to the top i7 3770K model (that my mobo supports) from ebay
Koalten J
Koalten J 2 个月 前
Ltt: 4.0 is pointless, don't bother spending more for it Tq: 6.0 is a big deal!
Inverted V12 Powerhouse
Inverted V12 Powerhouse 2 个月 前
Bruh, PCIE 4.0 is literally new. I guess this is better for super computers tho?
Cody 2 个月 前
Who went to detention for bad grades
Make Money Now
Make Money Now 2 个月 前
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Bunta Fujiwara
Bunta Fujiwara 2 个月 前
Get a new thumbnail, for your channel's sake.
Samira Peri
Samira Peri 2 个月 前
Inb4 PCIe starts using QAM.
Connor Hudson
Connor Hudson 2 个月 前
3:18 Uh, pretty much none, then. I can't say I know anyone, tech savvy or not that uses these things at all, never mind daily.
Pritish Patil
Pritish Patil 2 个月 前
They don't stop. Do they
Chesco 2 个月 前
*The biggest bottleneck in PC's is Intel.*
Kabuki Jo
Kabuki Jo 2 个月 前
People with multiple storage drives need SATA 4.0 more than they need PCI-E 6.0. I know M2 PCI-E 4.0 is fast but most boards only have 1 slot for it.
David Wilson
David Wilson 2 个月 前
At 2m46s ... Was that a Linus impersonation? :-D *Hangs head and scuffs shoe toe in the dirt* Sorry Linus
rodrigo borjas
rodrigo borjas 2 个月 前
3:02 When you do things accidentally and regret to do it.
Spectral- Gamer & TASer
Spectral- Gamer & TASer 2 个月 前
Make an episode on Computer Chess.
Neurathal0n 2 个月 前
Riley is the best tech tipper
Mom 2 个月 前
Please dont make that face again Thanks
Cyber Hacker
Cyber Hacker 2 个月 前
The actual reason I need such a fast pci slot is for my quantum co-processor, and cocomputer.
RDCST 2 个月 前
I'm not asking for more from my devices, the software designers are. They are programming in high language level without taking care the amount of resources that their application requires. Now and IDE and even an internet navigators uses easily 2GB of RAM and as many cores you have. A decade ago that was more than enough to run a complete OS.
scorntooth 3 个月 前
Riley > Linus
Friday Californiaa
Friday Californiaa 3 个月 前
Me : *laughs in AGP*
Nistor Andrei
Nistor Andrei 3 个月 前
Is this the kid from home alone movie?
Dariune 3 个月 前
by the time you finished watching this video they have already released version 7.0 (maybe probably)
magno172 3 个月 前
Wtf you mean download faster to SSD and stream stuff better? May I introduce you to comcast / spectrum ISPs? We're all in chains buddy and new technology won't increase our bandwidth.
GLN TV 3 个月 前
Meanwhile me with pcie 2.0
failure 3 个月 前
Ask for having the fattest pipe possible
Cornelius Johnson
Cornelius Johnson 3 个月 前
Jesus christ, the shit you miss when you look away from tech for 9 months is astounding.
Tome Crespo
Tome Crespo 3 个月 前
human eye cant see more than pc express 2.0 anyway
XDbored1 3 个月 前
PAM4 is just a cheaper way to increase density while reducing performance like QLC flash or shingled magnetic drives if Latency is worse then Pcie6 performance will probably perform worse then pcie5, would you rather have 16 lanes of low latency signaling or 8 lanes of awful latency signaling both have the same bandwidth, would you rather have 50mbit copper or 50mbit fibre.
xShadowClaw1x 3 个月 前
someone help me out and give me the name of the song they used, please.
scudsturm1 3 个月 前
can i connect a decent gpu now to a pcie 6.0 1X slot?
Yvon Cui
Yvon Cui 3 个月 前
I appreciate your effort making the analogy between the PCIE transmission baud rate and the WiFi frequency, but it's totally wrong in all senses. The limitation in PCIE transfer rate is because it's baseband signal, and the limiting factor is the signal-to-noise ratio that can be visualized in an eye diagram. Using PAM4 makes things easier since there are four possible levels between GND and VDD, and each transition does not require as high of slew rate, and thus SNR is improved compared to PAM2 aka NRZ. WiFi on the other hand, uses modulation. The 5GHz wave you are referring to is the carrier frequency modulated by the baseband signal containing information. Of course you also talk about SNR but it's a different thing. The major problem with 5GHz signals is not bandwidth or signal rate. The signal is actually narrow-band. For example on a 802.11ac 40MHz channel, using 256QAM, you can achieve up to 600Mbps that's common at present. The modulation techniques is far more advanced than PCIE. The problem with WiFi is that 5GHz, which is one of a few allowed "ISR" band over the world, cannot go too far in real world. Both air and water vapor absorbs more radiation than 2GHz, and because of reflection and diffraction it suffers multipath interference. It's just two different issues. Please don't mislead your audience who is likely trying to learn some facts.
Andrew Nevarez
Andrew Nevarez 3 个月 前
They release the specs way ahead so that all the companies can design and develop their methods of implementing a solution with the specs
J Lee Hughes
J Lee Hughes 3 个月 前
when will fiber optic pci come out
Darko Sola
Darko Sola 3 个月 前
So, is this something from 2077?
Christopher Lepage
Christopher Lepage 3 个月 前
Love your channel. :-)
Will Peterson
Will Peterson 3 个月 前
I'm watching this video finally to get this ridiculous facial expression of my youtube homepage.
Kwad 3D
Kwad 3D 3 个月 前
Damn Riley... That shit on your lip has some shit on your lip. Not going to pass the Dochi.....
NightTech Gaming
NightTech Gaming 3 个月 前
Linus be looking kinda different, ngl
AmeliaBuns 3 个月 前
External GPUs with just a single lane.
xDannyboo 3 个月 前
that sponsor ad at the end was atrocious..
joe s
joe s 3 个月 前
And then we have the realistic consumer that has pcie 4.0 and the only thing hooked to it is my gpu that doesnt even max 3.0. Why do we need this? Its not going to be mainstream on pcs for a fair while. At the least, we download stuff faster, cool. Not worth worrying about. At the most, its useful in other tech that we may buy and we wont even know its a thing, because idk about you, but if i get an electric car, that is way to expensive for ME to be trusted taking it apart.
spamuel98 3 个月 前
By backwards compatible, do you mean pcie 6.0 cards will be compatible with older pcie slots, or pcie 6.0 slots will work for older cards? There are two parts to backwards compatibility, which makes that a pretty important distinction when both sides cost about the same amount...
The Gaming Seargent
The Gaming Seargent 3 个月 前
3:16 omg like no one plays Cities Skylines on youtube :D
Pyro159 3 个月 前
Ngl I laughed a couple of times in this video. Love your mannerisms!
Alessio Sangalli
Alessio Sangalli 3 个月 前
Nobody Uknow
Nobody Uknow 3 个月 前
The best part about PCI-e 6.0 is that it will be mainstream bordering on obsolete to incoming PCI-e 7.0 by the time the fuckheads at Nvidia and AMD get their thumbs out of their asses and actually produce some of the graphics cards they have been hyping for months and only paper-launched...
fndrn8 3 个月 前
It is as pointless as 8k tv’s
Brad Bradson
Brad Bradson 3 个月 前
Riley: at version one you could only get up to 4 gigabytes per second. Me: 😲 4 gigabytes per second
Banan8938 3 个月 前
Why wont we just get rid of pcie after 6.0 and get ourself some new standard that doesnt care for backward compatibility and offers some new fancy features?
Tony 3 个月 前
My 3080 can't even cap a PCIE 3 and wasting my PCIE 4. Who needs PCIE 6?
Javier Santos
Javier Santos 3 个月 前
Riley: Hey have you gotten to the scene where Snape kills... ... ... Me reading Chamber of Secrets: Wha... What?
person 3 个月 前
I guess my rtx 3080 is obsolete now
D L 3 个月 前
PCIe 4 isn’t even really widespread at all yet, and there’s no news about 5, so how is 6 already here?!?!
Dragon Skunk Studio
Dragon Skunk Studio 3 个月 前
2:52 I realize now that I can't tell the difference between someone using helium to talk vs Linus talking.
TachankaHimSelf 3 个月 前
Bro listen I'm trying to buy new computer why you make me wait cuz you're f****** news My plan was to buy a pc with pcie 4.0 now I need 6.0
VDani16 3 个月 前
It's crazy that PCI is evolving so fast, we have PCI-e 6 but the mainstream is still 3 and Intel is still on PCI-e 3 and we don't really use PCI-e 4.
CalgarGTX 3 个月 前
Nah I'll wait for photonic interconnects
Marcelo Guedes
Marcelo Guedes 3 个月 前
The Error Correction description is quite wrong, actually. The extra bits allow the bitstream corrects itself. It is "lightweight" because the error correction is embedded in the data itself, using FEC fuctions.
iiDaniel 3 个月 前
Damn, that segway smooooothhhhhh
ep5 3 个月 前
"Eight times faster" and "eight times as fast" do NOT mean the same thing. Don't believe me? Evaluate these two: which is greater, 100% as fast or 100% faster?
Bartłomiej Sobieszek
Bartłomiej Sobieszek 3 个月 前
Speaking of ultraspeed PCIE 6.0 without telling about cryptocurrencies and cryptomining is kind of a joke lol
SILENTBOY13 3 个月 前
does this increase my frame rate ? lol
Trenton B.
Trenton B. 3 个月 前
high-pitched riley sounds like linus lmao
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