Are Prebuilt PCs GOOD Now?

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3 个月 前

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Have prebuilt PCs gotten better recently or should you still build your own?
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Jinghis Khan
Jinghis Khan 4 天 前
Good video but realistically this could have started and ended with one question: Do you want a GPU right now that can actually game and don't feel like paying 2.5x MSRP for it?
slavkid 6 天 前
plot twist: i literally cant buy a gpu
Gamepad 31
Gamepad 31 11 天 前
and this is why I tend to stick to ebay when going for prebuilt PC's.
DARKWOLF 30307 11 天 前
I just wanna run apex legends and call of duty lol which should I look into
Gabriel Hynek
Gabriel Hynek 12 天 前
4:10 did he just say the S word
Tyrone Mungus Washington
Tyrone Mungus Washington 13 天 前
Looking at the current situation what’s some pretty builts you guys recommend?
Chris Linfors
Chris Linfors 14 天 前
Man, I just love the actual experience of picking out your parts, knowing exactly what’s going into your PC, and then assembling it yourself. Knowing that it’s going to be high quality. It’s just satisfying, and fun.
daniel 16 天 前
dont buy one and if u are going to just don’t buy from dell
Nehemias Aquino
Nehemias Aquino 20 天 前
Yes prebuilt PCs are good
Jesse Smidt
Jesse Smidt 22 天 前
Everyone always blames the pre-built manufacturers for cheaping out on the power supply. But as someone who manufactures pre build computers. It's just the customer that goes for the cheapest option possible. Really. We offer all power supply ratings and people go for the cheapest one 70% of the time.
OP-UP 22 天 前
He mentions buying for like smaller companies... but like ummm.. which freaking ones?
Hugo Espinoza
Hugo Espinoza 23 天 前
Just tell me which one to buy !?!
Alexander Kurt
Alexander Kurt 25 天 前
Techquicke sounds like he’s eating something while talking.
Jessie Alminar
Jessie Alminar 26 天 前
Me: *Having a 500$ pc* Also me: *Buying a 800$ pre-built pc to get 1660 Super and putting it on my 500$ pc* ಥ‿ಥ
John Keppler
John Keppler 27 天 前
how can I get a good boutique prebuilt like whats mentioned in the video?
Brandon Wear
Brandon Wear 个月 前
Best pre built for under 3000?
PhantomPh1re 个月 前
yeah i'm currently staring down 2 pages. One is my amazon shopping list, which has everything i want including a 1tb NVME, 4tb HDD, ryzen 7 3800x proc except i have to pay $800 USD for a GTX 1660 super (which is inevitably going to a scalper) that's 2 years old for a grand total of $1700, the other is IBuyPower and i'm getting all the same but with a sparkly new RTX 3070 TI for a grand total of $1800 USD. I have to wait almost 2 months for the build time and the lead on the 3070TI but the alternative is going to microcenter every day the moment they open and hope to fucc that they actually have a RTX 3000 series available.
Newport Box 100s
Newport Box 100s 个月 前
I love gaming prebuilts.
Scott aye
Scott aye 个月 前
and this is where im having a problem, i need a trusted company rather then specs. if anyone knows a good pre built company lmk.
• Lenzku •
• Lenzku • 个月 前
I'm looking at the Lenovo Legion t5 atm, probably gonna get it.
Ray14 个月 前
if you live in the UK, box is only good pc store
PA551ON 个月 前
Just the fact that you can get a whole PC with a graphics card included for the price of some graphics cards these days should say enough that prebuilts are the smart option during this price spike.
kaan kilic
kaan kilic 个月 前
I bought the alienware aurora r10 with 3080, ryzen 9 5900x and 2 tb 970 samsung evo and 1000w powersupply. And it's a absolute beast. I don't know why pre builds have such a negative point of view cuz it's awesome
Andrew Gedman
Andrew Gedman 个月 前
I find that if a prebuilt has 16gb of RAM, you're not even close to budget level, but two sticks of 8 go for 70-80 bucks?? Or the upgrade option to 16 sounds rediculous...
L0K0 Cortez
L0K0 Cortez 个月 前
yes they are because one 2060 is 900$
Nimble 个月 前
I am scared to build a pc I am sure I am going to fuck it up
aimohsin 个月 前
Answer: No Long answer: No because they'll charge you like $100 more. You're better off watching a 1 hour youtube video and build it yourself
Matthew Godwin
Matthew Godwin 个月 前
I got prebuilt with 10 home my old pc had 10 pro and want go pro got license but gave me error code and know code is no good I stay with home cause not scrubbing my ssd
Little Mac Is underrated
Little Mac Is underrated 个月 前
Good graphics cards cost an arm and a leg, it’s flat out cheaper for a pre-built
mawg why
mawg why 个月 前
Best prebuilt for 1400??
Asrielite 个月 前
buying a prebuilt is actually the only way to buy a high end GPU nowadays
Seamus McKeon
Seamus McKeon 个月 前
Just put the guts of a prebuilt into a better case. Boom instantly better airflow. Then find the ram model number, but another one.
Colton Bucholz
Colton Bucholz 个月 前
At this point, we are better off just buying a prebuilt with the GPU we want and just sell off everything we dont want..
Sili Star
Sili Star 个月 前
i'd recommand you buy a prebuilt that you'd actually would need and sell ur old crappy harware i found pretty easily prebuilt with 5800x and 3080 i'm starting to belive there's a conspirancy to make u buy prebuilds only XD
Riley B
Riley B 个月 前
My pre-built had a 180 watt psu and I was like wtf💀
lonelyPorterCH 个月 前
My brother also bought a prebuild. He isn't very good in computers, so it was the perfect option for him^^
Vikram mehla
Vikram mehla 个月 前
I bought 3 months ago 1900 dollar pc from bestbuy Specs i9 10900 k 3080 msi ventus Z490 p asus Mobo 16 gb ram 800 watt psu 500 gb nvme 2 hdd Poor airflow and radiotor and Fans of case which I replace It is beast
Omega 个月 前
A prebuilt is literally the only way to get any gpu nowadays.
Panda 2 个月 前
Prebuilt pc with a 3070 for cheapp
Vikram mehla
Vikram mehla 个月 前
I bought 3 months ago 1900 dollar pc from bestbuy Specs i9 10900 k 3080 msi ventus Z490 p asus Mobo 16 gb ram 800 watt psu 500 gb nvme 2 hdd Poor airflow and radiotor and Fans of case which I replace It is beast
Jacob Guerrero
Jacob Guerrero 2 个月 前
I'm upset because I literally have the pc in the thumbnail. I was hoping he'd critique it so I'd know how stupid of a purchase it was
Shakaama 2 个月 前
useless video
YoinkedYoink 2 个月 前
Everyone has been mentioning warranty though the real problem is the pre installed mc affee “anti” virus Edit: also half of the pre builts I look at state the fps while running Fortnite and nothing else
Roberto Villa
Roberto Villa 2 个月 前
What about if I little by little start buying components for my current pc
TeH ChanKa
TeH ChanKa 2 个月 前
4:13 Why did he say freshbooks so funny at the end. Fwresssssshbooks
pnnytx 2 个月 前
First step: Install IObit uninstaller Second step: Uninstall McAfee and other bloatwares Third step: Install chrome and steam
Levi Schreuder
Levi Schreuder 2 个月 前
Is a 400 watt 80 platinum good for a ryzen 7 3700x and 1660 super and 16 gn ram and 512gb ssd?
Raymond AnimalCrossing
Raymond AnimalCrossing 2 个月 前
No no they arent
TMS 个月 前
They are the only way to get a GPU
A R 2 个月 前
I would build but I don't know what I need to or what's good, bad...
The Agamer
The Agamer 2 个月 前
You know what, in my country, pc parts are so important that pre builts are the way to go
2 个月 前
No. I found a dude that spent 4k for a rtx 2080ti build. If you need parts I'll order and yeet it to your po box. We have cards in stock here. Do not buy prebuilts.
Dumb 2 个月 前
I got a Linus ad on this
Laura Brown
Laura Brown 2 个月 前
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isaac mendez
isaac mendez 2 个月 前
Micro centers brand Powerspec makes reliable prebuilt. All parts are name brand and built with effort. Prices are also very fair since gpus are 2x more money nowadays
Doge Gaming
Doge Gaming 2 个月 前
Do you want a 3080 before 2022? Then you have to buy a pre-built.
RightHandReaper 2 个月 前
Wesley Crusher wants his sweater back...
Yalllookhotasf omg
Yalllookhotasf omg 2 个月 前
Tldr if this vid: Dell = shit
Zilla IsNumberOne
Zilla IsNumberOne 2 个月 前
I had my predator 745 for 10 years and it wasnt the best but it did what i wanted .
Giant Dad
Giant Dad 2 个月 前
I built my own on September. I don't know if i placed my cpu liquid cooler on the right spot nor if cable management is right but time will tell i guess. ((::
RamblingDude 2 个月 前
Ill say it again, if you want to game and don't want to sacrifice a limb doing so, a prebuilt is a great alternative. Especially if you're in the market to replace most, if not all of your PC. I just think someone should dedicate a video on the fundamental points of concern and things to check upon delivery when in receipt of a prebuilt machine. Microcenter has zero stock (Chicago suburb) of 3080s but 20 or so prebuilts with the card on hand to sell. It still feels criminal however :(
MicahA 2 个月 前
after watching this video my gf bought a dell. of course
aidax 2 个月 前
i have a $800 budget any good pcs i should get?
Won't most stores assemble the PC for you for some price? (or for free given you bought something expensive enough) My store did, and they did a better cable management then I could even do.
Pi Chu Man ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
Pi Chu Man ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ 2 个月 前
What is the best GPU for theses specs ? CPU R52600 MB Asus B450 Plus Power SilverStone Essential 550W Bronze ATX Power Supply.
Gonzalo Astorga
Gonzalo Astorga 2 个月 前
You have such a big head bro, you look like a cartoon or something!
Michael Crescio
Michael Crescio 2 个月 前
Don’t buy from IBuyPower I bought in September it took two months to get to me, came doa, it took another two months to get a refund absolutely awful experience.
NikNik 2 个月 前
james has a smoothing voice. i like it
NikNik 2 个月 前
@Lo Vley james is a kid in heart tho
Butter STW
Butter STW 2 个月 前
the only company id buy a prebuild from is NZXT and they are quite expensive
Sakai Tama
Sakai Tama 2 个月 前
I bought my iBuyPower pc from a microcenter prebuilt only because it had the specs I was going to build but was a few hundred cheaper, I spent the extra on ram on HDD space. Big case and reliable so far (especially compared to brands like HP which are notorious for random issues)
User 2 个月 前
You can get a GPU for the same price as per-built PC from a scapler.
Novaa 2 个月 前
Shut up James or I'll take it to Twitter
Panos Skoulis
Panos Skoulis 2 个月 前
My friend got a prebuilt for around 800$, i3 10100f with a 120mm aio, 1x8 I think ram, gtx 1650 super... Also I think coolermaster 450 or 550w 80+ bronze psu...
Stuff 2 个月 前
I have no idea how to build a PC
EternalAce 2 个月 前
Is it ok to buy a prebuild in country with overpriced components
Jake Haradon
Jake Haradon 2 个月 前
I love building pcs so i wouldnt get a prebuilt bc the building is fun
Adham Sabry
Adham Sabry 2 个月 前
oh danm bro how much i hate delll danm bro
HadesApocalypse 2 个月 前
i just got my pc from newegg tbh and maybe i overpaid but im not tech savvy but im super happy with what i got
Grant Garcia
Grant Garcia 2 个月 前
Are pre built pcs good now? Proceeds to put a picture of a HP desktop in the thumbnail. Argument 9/10 bretty good
Zyno Zantetsu
Zyno Zantetsu 2 个月 前
For some reason,prebuilt is much more cheaper than me building my own
Johnny TightLips
Johnny TightLips 2 个月 前
Prebuilts are cheaper than self builts these days and ofc you don't have to wait an undisclosed amount of time, just don't buy from Cyberpower/Amazon etc, buy from an actual good prebuilt company like Scan, Ebuyer, Chillblast, Awd-it that actually have good deals close to the MSRP self built prices.
rryzen 2 个月 前
can you watch my video and suggest what pc should I get as my first pc
The Agamer
The Agamer 2 个月 前
2021: a year where prebuilts are cheaper than building pc
Cult of Tristianity
Cult of Tristianity 2 个月 前
I was going to build but I just bought a prebuilt for $1080 with a i7 10700k and a rtx 2060 with 16gb ram 480gb ssd and 1tb storage. Mid covid I couldn't build that for anywhere near the price.
Damien Hartley
Damien Hartley 2 个月 前
No prebuilt pc are just glorified tablet
RedSolstice 2 个月 前
You can save just as much money by building your own PC. Fun fact: Stay away from Intel. Good Intel motherboards are almost $200, while good AMD AM4 motherboards are almost $100. Not only that, but Ryzen CPUs are $100-$300 cheaper than Intel CPUs, and they outperform most Intel processors. Most top of the line pre-builts I've seen are $800-$1400, and I've seen them break down quickly (Don't let this discourage you from using Ironside, since you pick the parts). On the other hand, you can build your own PC for $600-$1000, and it will last far longer than pre-built rigs. While a pre-built can break down in 3-5 years, a home-built can last almost a decade, and even over a decade if the CPU slot your motherboard has is still in use for over a decade. Now, AM4 is extremely efficient and may not be replaced for almost two decades. With the soon release of Zen 4, a new adventure for the potential Zen 5 awaits. I currently own a Ryzen 5 1600, which is very efficient, and out-performs a lot of Intel CPUs (It also uses way less wattage, so it doesn't usually get as hot). Not once have I gotten this CPU over 60% usage, and it always idles at 32-33c, and while it's working, it goes to about 37-38c. What most people fail to realize is that you don't need peripherals. do you have a working keyboard, mouse, and monitor or two? If so, you don't need to buy new ones. If you have a good PSU (450-600+ watts) rip it from your old system and put it in the new one. Oh, and headphones- You can get a good pair of gaming headphones for around $20-$35. The final thing it all boils down to is performance- Which the user can kill performance by not paying attention to clocks and temperatures. My system runs so cool because I keep every fan on the max- I wear headphones, so why should it being semi-loud bother me? I can't even hear it over my game. some bios auto-set CPU voltage to 1.5, which you do not want. At most, a CPU should run at 1.35 or 1.4 voltage. Also, a good graphics engine is MSI Afterburner- maximize GPU fan speed, and you're set (If it still goes over 70-75c, lower the power going into the GPU). To monitor other system temps, get Speedfan- It monitors CPU temp, motherboard temp, GPU temp, etc. (The only thing it's bad at monitoring is PSU temp- If you see AUX anything at 90c+, that's your PSU. Speedfan has never been good at determining power supply temp.) I encourage people to use these two programs, because it's helped me in determining the temps of everything without going to the Bios. Speedfan can also mess with clock speeds, but don't do it. If you want to change CPU clock, go to the Bios, and if you want to change GPU clocks, do it in MSI Afterburner. Finals words: Don't be discouraged to build your own rig- It will run better and last longer, and they're extremely future-proof. I have a $700-$1000 rig that would be priced at $1200-$1500 pre-built. It's simple and easy, and just follow the motherboard instructions. And do not buy peripherals you don't need- If you currently have working peripherals, keep them and wait to upgrade or replace them later.
Muhammad Rafif
Muhammad Rafif 2 个月 前
Dell: Wanna ask insurance? Buyer:No. Just A Gaming PC please. Dell: You mean"Gaming Gear warranty?" Buyer: just Dont. Dell:Alright forget about the pc we just sell the warranty. How about the laptops you want also buy includes with 2 years antivirus? Buyers: OK Boomer. Never buy PC from Dell then.
Aditya Narayan Mishra
Aditya Narayan Mishra 2 个月 前
iam_StretchTV 2 个月 前
Nobody: Dell: Would you like a computer with your warranty?
P1X3L_PLAY 2 个月 前
i think the market industries going to gaming beacause of the younger generation so they will start building pre-built pc's that only count on performance (and LED's) over profit
Muhammad Rafif
Muhammad Rafif 2 个月 前
Gaming pc nowdays become a standard pc. Nobody want a PC with celeron CPU inside anymore even in office.
Spammingtrigger 2 个月 前
me watching this video without a dollar in my pocket
General Kenobi
General Kenobi 2 个月 前
All pre-built PC sucks
部首 3 个月 前
Danilo Mršević
Danilo Mršević 3 个月 前
Summerized: Just get warranty,man
glichjthebicycle 3 个月 前
I build my computer myself because with every single pc laptop or whatever that I have ever bought prebuild I ended up being pissed about at least one thing inside. I can only use a system with ease of mind if I 100% built it myself. I know what's inside. I chose the parts. That just feels good.
Thorable 3 个月 前
If you have enough money you can get past the poor expandability with external egpu and das raid drive enclosures, but a set of those two combined is getting close to what people spend on a budget build already. and even then its not quite the same, usb hickups from time to time, very annoying for drives storage. 5 bay raid ~$250+, egpu ~$300 and you aren't saving space at that point to boot.
Zak jey
Zak jey 3 个月 前
oled vs micro led, topic to cover in the future
Leo G
Leo G 3 个月 前
Prebuilts are only good if they have enough head room for a midsize graphics card. Because if your not careful you won't be able to upgrade the GPU.
Nekminute 3 个月 前
pre built still lookin to rob you blind
Spoofy Juliani
Spoofy Juliani 3 个月 前
Prebuilts come with Windows. That negates the cost savings from building it yourself.
Jin 3 个月 前
Just to get your hands on one of the popular new GPUs, you might just have to go prebuilt these days. We can't all stay glued to PC waiting for discord notification and checkout in 1ms.
Alessandro Cussino
Alessandro Cussino 3 个月 前
I have one of the most basic prebuilt that Asus can offer. Built in 2017 \ bought from me in december 2018. I don't play games and\or use "heavy" programs with it. So i'm fine for now X-D P.S. I have used an old HP laptop with Windows XP since 2009 until 2018 ...
TASHHHH 3 个月 前
I was just eating crispy salad when you said that.
Jaxon Lavin
Jaxon Lavin 3 个月 前
You put the desktop version of my laptop (not same make and modal) in the thumbnail. (HP pavilion gaming)
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