PC vs Mac - The Answer

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个月 前

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Is the PC actually a better platform than the Mac?
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Gozorp 天 前
The problem about Apple is that they are expensive as hell. I can literally find a laptop that has 12 core and good gpu for less than $1500
fredpalas 天 前
Nice a photo of of the keyboard of the mac is a Spanish keyboard. Why the fight is just SO, meanwhile os X is less customizable than windows, os X don't follow the same keyboard shortcut defined on IBM PC on the 80's, and just and IU different make this fight. For me I use first windows on 95 is obviously mac will be worse because is different, I use a Macintosh on the 90 also and like a kid I will say windows was easier just click on windows icon and find you games, but meanwhile windows keep that easier Mac also didn't change to easier way to find the programs they still have this menu top bar, for me is useless now. At the end is about likes, like we say in spanish "For tastes colors", now I prefer GNU/Linux, I like full customization, maybe some other people no, but also I like easier interface like Microsoft create on windows 95.
Eric Swenson
Eric Swenson 天 前
Man, using this M1 MacBook Pro, you have to be blind or utterly clueless to not see how *polished* Mac hardware is. I also have n XPS, and it's just not the same. Literally 90% of the expected details (stiffness, keyboard quality, touchpad quality, etc etc) in a "premium" laptop are entirely due to the MacBook's existence. It always cracks me up watching people in the industry just brush over those sorts of things. I used to do it too. "Sony cameras more better, who cares if they are buggy and slow in weird ways, more bigger numbers than Canon!!!1"
Gokul Pranesh
Gokul Pranesh 天 前
Any Linux users here??
Rainbow Chaser
Rainbow Chaser 天 前
In apple you are the premium user In android and windows you are the administrator
Scott 天 前
Why do these videos still exist.
67NewEngland 2 天 前
4:45. Processing power is possible with either based on hardware specs available to either brand. And as far as musicians go, GarageBand is weak and limited, not used by serious professionals . The leading recording/mixing software works very well with Windows.
Andrei Lanuza
Andrei Lanuza 2 天 前
Should be called Mac based PC vs Windows based PC. PC = Personal Computer.
Diego Marquez
Diego Marquez 2 天 前
Use the GNUUUU+Linox system
piiig 2 天 前
imagine spending 5 minutes just to open a browser tab - this comment was made by the mac gang
Gray-sanity 2 天 前
0:02 Goodcents: "And I took that personally"
Islam Fabrics
Islam Fabrics 6 天 前
answer is pc with linux
Denny FatKid
Denny FatKid 6 天 前
The "Subway or hunger" joke caught off guard and a spit water all over my keyboard. Good to see max cameo on a clip.
B.C. 2779
B.C. 2779 6 天 前
Let's say you are an illustrator that works with photoshop creating high res images who doesn't want to troubleshoot anything at all because you have deadlines and the last thing you need is for you laptop to decide you won't ve able to use it because you know, windows updates take priority 😭😭😭😭😭
Kodiak and Grizzly Bears
Kodiak and Grizzly Bears 8 天 前
But Windows is crap!
ViciousDave4Life 8 天 前
PCs are cheaper. $500 PC vs same specs $1100 dollars Mac Mini. PCs can game and have access to millions upon billions of more games. Mac is great, virus free, and easy to use. Overall PC is the better choice. If you're not visiting hacked websites and go to regular websites you don't even need bitdefender.
iris 9 天 前
do you want to do something with your computer? get a windows computer. do you want to sit in a coffee shop looking like a smug wanker? get a mac. solved.
Vuk Petrovic
Vuk Petrovic 11 天 前
PC vs Mac - The Answer: Linux!
Peter Barendt
Peter Barendt 11 天 前
The answer is Linux
Spook! 13 天 前
**laughs in TempleOS**
Edward Muller V
Edward Muller V 14 天 前
When I found out the Macbooks did not even have USB type-A ports that was all I needed to know to decide even though I use an iPhone for my personal phone.
vibonacci 16 天 前
Mac's wouldn't be that bad if I wasn't forced to run macOS. Also, the lack of BIOS is a big bottleneck. And of course not having the option to run a Nvidia GPU makes the Mac pretty much completely useless.
Filip Agh
Filip Agh 17 天 前
price/value not shown ....
bing rivera
bing rivera 18 天 前
I saw that troll the pc laptop is lg hmmmmmmmm 🖥💻👀
Carey Feazel
Carey Feazel 18 天 前
I own both and hands down it is mac! Why? One answer: Windows 10
Alric Samuel Godfrey
Alric Samuel Godfrey 19 天 前
It’s funny that he’s still treating Apple as a brand that offers less performance for more price vs PC while actually the opposite is true today because of the M1 chip. I mean a $999macbook or a $699 Mac mini blows away all those high end PC’s that cost over $1500 in performance. Plus, he says that MacOS restricts which apps you can download and install which is simply not true. You can download any Mac supported app that’s outside the AppStore just like on Windows, except if the app doesn’t have a certificate it will just warn you about it and prevent the installation but you can always go to the settings and choose “open anyway” and it allows you to install and use it. If you find that annoying, you can just set it to always open apps downloaded from the web. In a lot of ways Mac isn’t restrictive at all as people think it is. iOS is restrictive but Mac isn’t.
Alex101YT 19 天 前
Make it Linux Vs PC Vs Mac
Mohammed Meshal
Mohammed Meshal 19 天 前
TLDR: PC is superior, Mac is trash.
JandJ 20 天 前
JandJ 20 天 前
JandJ 20 天 前
JandJ 20 天 前
JandJ 20 天 前
JandJ 20 天 前
JandJ 20 天 前
JandJ 20 天 前
Nayan Punekar
Nayan Punekar 20 天 前
it"s a waste of money to buy macs
Andrew Neal
Andrew Neal 20 天 前
Doesn't matter; they'll both run Linux.
Egon Print
Egon Print 20 天 前
A Mac is a PC!
Brad Bradson
Brad Bradson 21 天 前
The nice thing about MacOS is that it isn't Windows
Jawad Ahmed
Jawad Ahmed 21 天 前
What's the answer???
Cool Legends Gaming
Cool Legends Gaming 23 天 前
Nope don't use any Create your own kernel.
Khurram Mazhar Amir
Khurram Mazhar Amir 23 天 前
Buy a PC with Windows so you dont have to use bootcamp :P
Namgyu Ho
Namgyu Ho 24 天 前
0:14 he’s a Justin, just a normal person
Mateusz Janowski
Mateusz Janowski 24 天 前
I recently switched jobs and now I use mac at work. Sorry but macos is just way better for programming. Although I will still stick to Windows/Linux dual boot for my personal use
GiPSy FiSH 26 天 前
For or against right to repair?
The Amazing Popo Show
The Amazing Popo Show 27 天 前
Windows and linux are better, because Microsoft provides Windows 10 with more security updates, because as Tech quickie said, less people use Mac or MacOS, so Apple pays less attention to it. *Also, did you see how when Techquickie was criticizing Mac, the MacBook literally fell asleep?* 😂😂
Miroslav Houdek
Miroslav Houdek 27 天 前
It depends ... but one of them is twice as expensive.
ッAzubi_Meatball4349ッ 27 天 前
I just got enough money for one, I’m deciding before tomorrow
abhay sharma
abhay sharma 28 天 前
He secretly said that Windows is far more practical than Macs for the most peops, and covered it at the end by saying it depends because of possible future deals with Apple🍎🍎
BluBit 28 天 前
If it works for you, it is good
Amazing Elevators and Claws
Amazing Elevators and Claws 27 天 前
vIBED oUT • Channel
vIBED oUT • Channel 29 天 前
Mac is a PC too , no?
Sumire〜 24 天 前
Yup, these kids got stuck in the 80s.
Amazing Elevators and Claws
Amazing Elevators and Claws 27 天 前
Don. Timeless
Don. Timeless 29 天 前
I'm so so pityful for gaming rising on Apple M chips🤤
JD 29 天 前
Just don't buy from the greedy and non-repairable Apple.
Michael Tenagashaw
Michael Tenagashaw 29 天 前
ASSK555 29 天 前
Answer: if you need to game, use windows. Otherwise, use a Mac (if you got the money).
Nimit 29 天 前
I have been using both since 2015. Thats how i solved this problem.
Ben Meddeb
Ben Meddeb 29 天 前
Once you go Mac you never go back. Apple has the highest customer retention rate for a reason
Wesley Hu
Wesley Hu 29 天 前
you guys should do a PC vs Console imo
Seema Pandey
Seema Pandey 个月 前
My pc of 5 years has never crashed.
Seema Pandey
Seema Pandey 个月 前
EASIER TO TROUBLESHOOT IT? tell that to the guy who was told by apple to get a new mac for more than $1000 when all that was wrong was the backlight pin was bent. I don't believe that easier to troubleshoot garbage. PC is definitely easier to repair and troubleshoot.
Yasin Hasan
Yasin Hasan 个月 前
i use both ...PC is better at Everything
Comment 个月 前
No, TempleOS.
Apple Pie & Cinnamon
Apple Pie & Cinnamon 个月 前
@Commetguy yes 🤭🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Devin S
Devin S 个月 前
i play windows games at full speed using rosetta 2 on my m1 mac, so it's kinda a non issue as far as software support goes. Try crossover sometime, it's cool.
Jeremiah 个月 前
Simple answer: GAMING
Comment 个月 前
That's my favorite os
Bo Lindow
Bo Lindow 个月 前
What's wrong with PC *and* Mac (and Linux). Get OS agnostic, buy more computers!
Michael Weigand
Michael Weigand 个月 前
The i in front of Apple products stands for idiot.
Øystein 个月 前
It's actually Windows vs Mac (vs Linux etc).. A Mac IS litteraly a PC (Personal Computer) so it really makes no sense saying Mac vs PC ;P Even Apple says it's a computer.. And since it's also a "personal device" then it litteraly is a PC in the correct meaning of the word.. Just saying.. ;P And yeah.. More stable and secure? Just kill that old myth please.
Even though I'm a musician I'm still tied to windows for life because I use fl studio and SONAR...
Dracarius Duxtorm
Dracarius Duxtorm 个月 前
...you mean Windows vs Mac... any OS can be a PC..
who create GOD?
who create GOD? 个月 前
windows xp for life,please microsoft give luna theme for 10
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Millionaires Investment Secrets 个月 前
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Wind Water
Wind Water 个月 前
I really need to invest in Bitcoin Before it rise again
Jalen Williams
Jalen Williams 个月 前
hi bro i am from BARBADOS 🇧🇧
Virgil Tracy
Virgil Tracy 个月 前
4 9 USA 🇱🇷
Virgil Tracy
Virgil Tracy 个月 前
9 6 5
Virgil Tracy
Virgil Tracy 个月 前
3 4 5
Vibhav Manjrekar
Vibhav Manjrekar 个月 前
I upgraded to the M1 MBA for $849 and I don’t think there’s a better machine for the price in terms of performance, portability, and build quality
Alexius Corylus
Alexius Corylus 个月 前
Nope, if you want to fix apple & you'll go to the official fixing spot, most of the time you'll get an expensive replacement of the detail, sometimes even something that you did not need to replace, plus most of the time with SSD formatting & even if you ask to let SSD data stay on your laptop, iPhone, or else, you will still have it formatted, why? Because SSD is soldered to the board, so ef the apple
Morgan Betts
Morgan Betts 个月 前
Hackintosh gang
Vishal Pillai
Vishal Pillai 个月 前
James: The answer to PC vs MAC. Me: Linux
Comment 个月 前
No, TempleOS.
ThatWolfDude01 个月 前
These are the definitive answers: Coke McDonalds Starvation I’m right
Liam Murren
Liam Murren 个月 前
both are inferior
Sai Dwarakanath
Sai Dwarakanath 个月 前
The usual conclusion at 5:00
Naetrox 个月 前
I've used all OSes and right now I'm on an M1 Mac. Am able to use all the open-source software I used on Linux and some proprietary stuff like Reason that does not run on Linux. For the few Windows apps, I use Parallels
Charlie S
Charlie S 个月 前
The title could be PC vs PC since a Mac is a type of PC (personal computer). Bootcamp on M1 Macs is not an Apple issue but a Windows OS license legal issue of running Windows on ARM.
Mr. Stratious
Mr. Stratious 个月 前
The thumbnail rocks hahaha
Tokaiyaki 个月 前
"Imagine we didn't have stackoverflow" My 9999 C# Bugs: **cries in ;**
Marrie Smith
Marrie Smith 个月 前
Linus How tf you put lame windows 8 to mono sound? only got windows 8 on a computer because i not a rich Hobo is only way i am gonna put it!
izurite 个月 前
M series chip just owned
Toobst8ker 个月 前
Subway or Starving.....rofl
Tariq Summoned
Tariq Summoned 个月 前
The answer is LEENUXXX
Tariq Summoned
Tariq Summoned 个月 前
@Comment fairly good
Comment 个月 前
No, TempleOS.
I know that not everyone works in a domain environment, but binding + MacOS = a big pain in the a**, or like I like to say MacOS as a stand alone workgroup environment is very dummy proof, but when adding a Mac to a domain Mac becomes the dummy. I don't even want to get started with hard drive encryption as well but I will take Bitlocker over FileVaul any day.
SpaceTimeBeing 个月 前
Anthony should roast this video, calling windows open and free is an insult to the open source community.
nutiketgotc 个月 前
You also get to experience the fun of being raided by a SWAT team if you ever try to fix it.
DoomGuy11 个月 前
I'd like one starvation sub please
nr1341 个月 前
Macs are way better for audio production
Carson Townsend
Carson Townsend 个月 前
Hehehehe Mac 30fps
Jorge Sanchez
Jorge Sanchez 个月 前
seems odd to compare them on an x86 basis when Apple is going full steam ahead with ARM.
playludesc 个月 前
As a repair guy, the build quality on MacBooks is just head and shoulders over everything excluding Dell's XPS line. I'll die on any other hill defending PCs, but Apple's build quality beats just about everything else out there.
tehsidewinder 个月 前
been on a Mac since around 2004 and im never buying another apple product, although I will say my 2006 MacBook Pro is still going and I play old games on boot camp, the newer stuff is just designed to be replaced instead of fixed or updated, so while I never truly left windows it'll be my only for the future
Ray Whatman
Ray Whatman 个月 前
Do a video of AMD vs NVIDIA graphics cards on Linux. This is a debate that still rages today. The zealots say that AMD is better purely because it is open source. Is this really the case? Nvidia graphics cards have proprietary drivers and control software that goes with it. AMD has nothing like that. The drivers are not always the best from AMD etc. So is AMD AMD graphics cards better just because it's open source or is Nvidia graphics cards better because it is more consistent and polished.
Sumire〜 24 天 前
AMD has better support for Linux, that's is. Nvidia has hurt the Linux desktop a lot because his proprietary drivers, relative to Wayland transition particularly.
elismart13 个月 前
PC FOR MINIMUM 80% Of people probably 95% if they just used it
AgentBubbles 个月 前
It depends what you want. Do you want to pay more for brand/looks or do you want to pay more for internals?
Chris Stokes
Chris Stokes 个月 前
Upgradable or not upgradable....no brains needed.
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