DON'T Throw Away Your Old Router

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个月 前

Learn about WDS and how it's like turning your router into an invisible Ethernet cable.
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Smitty Domingo
Smitty Domingo 2 天 前
Old phobes do do that and tether to the -79 80 db but actually newer devices auto switch to the highest in range ap as long as all in unidon and allnhave differ channels rather than the same channel, checkmiut ddwrt's mesh wifi or tomato akternative firmare, i tested this after that post on ltt episode on hidethecorn
Smitty Domingo
Smitty Domingo 2 天 前
That 54g lol
Smitty Domingo
Smitty Domingo 2 天 前
Keep all wifi aps on the same subnet and change the last octect, and then subnetmask to the /24
Smitty Domingo
Smitty Domingo 2 天 前
I thin asus also might do it
Smitty Domingo
Smitty Domingo 2 天 前
Scorpz 3 天 前
u sound a bit like linus tech tips LOLLLLL
Marcus Casañas
Marcus Casañas 4 天 前
i have a thousan routers lying around my house
Devarsirat das
Devarsirat das 5 天 前
The video just made me decide not even to try that lol
zodiacfml 7 天 前
this is just one of the reasons why mesh-products is a scam. aside from WDS, most recent routers have Repeater mode.
Red Jay
Red Jay 8 天 前
I'm making a NAS from an old computer, and I didnt want to run a looooong ethernet cable. I'll give this a try
Gregory Homatas
Gregory Homatas 16 天 前
Whats a mac address?
Milosz Ostrow
Milosz Ostrow 17 天 前
Don't throw away that old router ONLY if it still works reliably. I removed a Netgear WGR614 Wi-Fi router from service in my house within the last year because it would frequently hang, requiring a power-down reboot. I wouldn't use such equipment as a repeater, even if it is lying around and essentially "free".
Jacob Smith Jr
Jacob Smith Jr 17 天 前
Great I wish I saw this a couple years ago 🙄
Technodude255 19 天 前
i was using the wrong channel settings 3 years ago when i was trying to do this. Thank you for reviving this project for me!
Ella Abrose
Ella Abrose 19 天 前
Does this work with a gateway?
Mike's Tech Talks
Mike's Tech Talks 19 天 前
Wow. So what about security? Oh that's always a secondary thought. So I guess WPA is good enough?
Ariz Kamal
Ariz Kamal 20 天 前
Followed the same steps, saw the video probably 10 times. Connected the second router to my pc, doesn't work. Says no internet even though my first(primary) router is working fine.
Carlos Gomez
Carlos Gomez 21 天 前
This sounds like a manually configured bridge? Orrrrr, is a bridge an automatically configured WDS?!?!? In any case, Bravo! Don't waste that router!
Ali Ahmad
Ali Ahmad 21 天 前
" flash backs " ... don't even took about it 😭😀
Tommy V
Tommy V 23 天 前
I don't know what you're saying, I'm going to have to go over this video a few more times
Zade Keys
Zade Keys 23 天 前
For the love of all tech please research....1) Wds should never be used. 2) multiple dhcp servers can exist fine on 1 network, as long as the scope is different. Ie router 1 = and
Victor Muckleston
Victor Muckleston 23 天 前
3:54 my sons ethertnet cable is like this. but its not as bright red as it once was after a couple years of sunlight.
Kevin Dondrea
Kevin Dondrea 25 天 前
I don't throw mine out either. They usually go bad. I thought you were going to tell me something good to do with one that doesn't work any more. For instance. My last router started losing connection once it got too warm.
Aditya Sidham
Aditya Sidham 27 天 前
I used my tp link router as a repeater way back in 2018
Thomas Catford
Thomas Catford 28 天 前
Sound good but to techy to understand for a simple soul like me
Ajay Sasikumar
Ajay Sasikumar 个月 前
what a right time you uploaded the video I'm trying to use my secondary as a repeater and screwed everytime 😂
triularity 个月 前
The bigger problem with old routers is that they are typically EoL and generally riddled with security vulnerabilities. So, unless a user is willing to manually build a minimal WDS distro of OpenWrt (or something) that will still fit/run on their router, you're using it at risk.
MKA667 个月 前
I've never known about that: it can be useful for connecting devices with no wifi functionalities to a smartphone using it as a router (tethering)
rskeyesful 个月 前
MAC users and DHCP... Ahhhhhhhhhhhh
PathOf Melee
PathOf Melee 个月 前
thank you very much, was looking for some advice since i recetlly bought a new repeater these days
Florin Pandele
Florin Pandele 个月 前
How about having a cheap wire only router and connect 2 or more wireless routers to it ( by cable and set them as ap)? I think Linus did something like that at home ( but with professional parts)...
Alex Bowen
Alex Bowen 个月 前
please do more of these tutorials. Most of these on youtube are some 12-year-old kid with a shitty mic and we could all use the LMG pollish.
RD TV 个月 前
US: old router? Throw it out! Philippines: old router? Sell it!
bombaatful 个月 前
keep more such videos coming. i mean repurposing old devices
Agustín Alexander
Agustín Alexander 个月 前
Hey nice video, when are you guys doing something with OpenWRT ? it is a great way to give new life to an old router, or new ones for that matter. Linux on your toaster next!
Axel Ritzau
Axel Ritzau 个月 前
O.K... Back in the 2000, maybe a good nice trick to extend your network. But today, with MESH tecnology, WDS is do overcooked... Sorry, my opinion, but beeing in Germany, with most ISP routers from the company AVM, you could setup a MESH enviroment (with mesh steering, becoming better with every release). But the main message stays the same: Don't throw away your old router, unless it does not even support decent WLAN (it should be at least WiFi4, my opinion)
Andrew Song
Andrew Song 个月 前
But how do you share folders or RDP between routers?
Zantetsuken’s Dao
Zantetsuken’s Dao 个月 前
That Yakuza: Like a Dragon cable insert though...
Thought this was about OpenWRT
Elite Engineer
Elite Engineer 个月 前
FH Tech
FH Tech 个月 前
I did this 2 years ago 🙄
rohaan Omar
rohaan Omar 个月 前
2:12 Pakistan...?
Brownie McBrownface
Brownie McBrownface 个月 前
I use an old router as a second Wifi hotspot with the same SSID as the main to extend the Wifi reach. I've never heard of WDS though, I didnt enable it. So when I saw this I thought it might get rid of the fact that (see video @ 3:33) devices hang onto a signal as it gets weaker rather than swapping to the (now stronger one) as I walk round the house. I though I could save the price of a Mesh but I think not :( Or does anyone know a "mesh-free" way?
Wally Gator
Wally Gator 个月 前
Rachel Maddow with a mustache !
Sinan Haddad
Sinan Haddad 个月 前
I went from 100% to 0% real quick
Christian Pate
Christian Pate 个月 前
I've tried this before, seemed Comcast didn't like it (got a "This device is paused" message in place of any web pages and had to call Comcast to get them to 'unpause' it.) So you know, be sure that whatever your primary router being used is actually fully controlled by you and not your ISP and that your ISP won't object to it. If you do run into an ISP-provided modem/router that won't let you do bridging without freaking out, you can just nab a Raspberry Pi (any will do as long as they have wifi capability and an ethernet port) and do a bit of configuration with iptables and enabling some forwarding rules/setting wifi as the default way to get an internet connection (otherwise the Pi will always try to get internet via ethernet even if there's no route to the internet via ethernet) and with about 15 minutes of work you can get it to forward your wifi connection over the ethernet port. At that point you can just set it up as a gateway device for another router or whatever and stuff will be able to use it to get an internet connection. Bonus is that this segments the network so anything on the ethernet side of the pi isn't forwarded to the wifi side of the Pi, so you can roll your own DHCP server (and other potentially conflicting services), so in the end it worked better in my situation (where I have roommates who wouldn't have appreciated me doing that), and I'm able to use my old WiFi router as just a thing for my own devices and still have internet for them. This comes with another benefit since, as Riley says, WiFi can't really transmit and receive at the same time, I can sit there and do large file transfers between my servers/computers while my roommates are streaming videos and I don't get a performance hit, they don't get a performance hit, and it just saves a lot of grief.
Bash 个月 前
Check the DHCP Range then assign an IP outside that range, if you have a 24/ Network or the subnetmask is then the whole IP range that is available for Clienst is from .1 to .254 NOT 255 So check which IP your primary router has, check the DHCP Range and assgin the next free ip 255 is the broadcast IP and can't be assigned
TheGalacticWest 个月 前
"Wrong port"
The Cradle
The Cradle 个月 前
This video auto-played and it scared me
Emiko Suzuki
Emiko Suzuki 个月 前
I did this once a long time ago, now I tried many didn't work.
Lawrence Allwright
Lawrence Allwright 个月 前
Just seen another video where the guy took 25 minutes to explain the same thing.
Maurice Walshe
Maurice Walshe 个月 前
I suspect that WDS between different makes wont work very well its better to use powerline and use a physical DS - just set the second router to have a static IP and work in AP mode. (oh and avoid tplink like the plague) of and set the same ssid/password but set the second AP to a non overlapping channel
Wessie_ZA 个月 前
I wish that was my old router
Hashim Ahmad
Hashim Ahmad 个月 前
Region: Pakistan Never felt such proud😤
Dan R
Dan R 个月 前
old old news zzzzz
Dei_Nemudda 个月 前
And then there is FritzBox which supports it without tedious configurations. Noice
strawhousepig 个月 前 master race
Vacation. Pls
Vacation. Pls 个月 前
I've tried this in the past but was told that it basically splits the bandwidth of your Main router in half. Not sure how or why or even if it's true.
Miles Gerschefske
Miles Gerschefske 个月 前
But I'll have to buy a new faraday cage though... no wait I'll just put them in there together
Sensei Freak
Sensei Freak 个月 前
This probably has been said but please no not in the dhcp range it will cause headaches when you get IP conflics
James Adams
James Adams 个月 前
my router uses 192.168.254.x get yo info right, or qualify the statement to include other possibilities
SlickStretch 个月 前
That "cables everywhere" bit made me feel personally attacked.
Neeraj Kumar
Neeraj Kumar 个月 前
I did the same thing 1 month back, life saver
Mujahid Hussain Rana
Mujahid Hussain Rana 个月 前
Dear Riley ! Apki Video bhala mai kase dislike kr sakta oo 😍😍😍😍
ObsoletePowerCorrupts 个月 前
The video could do with a heads-up about security issues like sticky devices (e.g. a tablet, laptop) you have trouble removing, and ROP-Attacks on older routers. Some of these things can be resolved, but do be aware of it firstly. If you're going to do this, sometimes it is better used where you've made a smoothwall or slackware server (from a PC) as the first "router".
Uthman Baksh
Uthman Baksh 个月 前
I had to throw away my old router. It would only work with Verizon FiOS and is slower than the one they rent now.
Evolor 个月 前
haha, imagine living in a place where your wlan doesn't cover you whole living space.
Thewonderjam 个月 前
And for some reason, my WLAN (2.4Ghz) reaches almost my local corner store at 100m away, and is still somewhat usable 50m away (at a open park)...
Mini tomate
Mini tomate 个月 前
This video it makes it look so easy until you realize by configuring your routers that you've summoned some diabolic IPs that weren't suposed to assign to your PC and now your router portal fade into oblivion.
Alice Knag
Alice Knag 个月 前
as a developer i prefer the 172.16.x.x internal ip address space as it's less used
Richard Mumford
Richard Mumford 个月 前
I have several old routers around with WDS and this has never worked for me. I know I do it right (or maybe not) because I understand the logic behind and my devices connected to the "repeater" say that they're connected to internet, but don't do anything. So I gave up.
Charles Reynolds
Charles Reynolds 个月 前
I liked the video.
Peter Pepo
Peter Pepo 个月 前
Caution! On some recent (Asus RT-AC57U V2) as well as not so recent (Netgear R7000), WPS supports WEP/Open only!
Tawaha 个月 前
3:17 "your speed will be roughly cut in half" !! Like if my internet speed is just 8mbps will my 5Ghz WDS second router will get to me 4mbps only! No way; the correct thing to say is, it will reach half the maximum capable wifi speed, like my 5Ghz router reaches 300mbps normally now on WDS it can reachs up to 150mbps if my internet connection allow for it of course. Right guys?
Tawaha 个月 前
Examples, if my internet speed is: -100mbps, I will get 100mbps on my PC via wifi. -200mbps, I will get only 150mbps. Ok, How about if my PC is connecting to the 2nd router via ethernet cable? I will get the full 200mbps.
i7Baby 个月 前
My extender (and old router) have WPS connection functions.
Chris Waters
Chris Waters 个月 前
I had this setup at home its the worst! Your phone will hold onto the last bar of signal even though there is stronger signal closer by. You can buy a TP link 3 pack mesh wifi kit for 200 aud in usd thats probably a big Mac. Well worth the investment
ItsMe NoName
ItsMe NoName 个月 前
uhhh...this news in 2021 ? wtf ! I have this setup for years in my house.
George Ogrady
George Ogrady 个月 前
If use that ip big trouble that my ip
Lesley Schultze
Lesley Schultze 个月 前
Get a powerline adaptor with Ethernet ports and Wi-Fi. Recommend a TP Link AV600 Kit or similar item.
Laurazepam 个月 前
> DON'T Throw Away Your Old Router > Many modern wireless router... pick one. It's also an extremely rarely supported feature
tutacat 个月 前
sntg_p 个月 前
What is the difference with wireless bridge mode?
Kevin Bourassa
Kevin Bourassa 个月 前
This is how I keep an old apple TV alive! Stupid thing works better that way than it did as my primary router years ago.
K. Van Dijck
K. Van Dijck 个月 前
Can someone suggest a wireless headsets that charges over usb C I'm looking for one, but I cannot find any :O
Kel H
Kel H 个月 前
Sounds good in theory, but pretty unreliable in practice.
Wouter Verbruggen
Wouter Verbruggen 个月 前
I wonder, how many people actually have a non-ISP router(-modem combo)? I know almost no-one who has one, only some tech-enthusiasts like myself
Moeketsi Moloto
Moeketsi Moloto 个月 前
Okay but like what if you want to set up WiFi networking to the other side of the yard Wirelessly (Mainly for Online Gaming)
Eric D
Eric D 个月 前
Why did I watch this? I've been used this technique to get coverage in my garage for years now.
Mind Jam
Mind Jam 个月 前
WDS is crap for many reasons. Connecting multiple APs with Ethernet cable works like a charm!
BlueIceC4 个月 前
very useful
William House
William House 个月 前
Louis Ouellet
Louis Ouellet 个月 前
A few correction about the 192.168 private IP range. 3rd octet can be in the range of 0 to 255. While the 4th can be in the range of 1 to 254. As 0 and 255 are reserved for the network address and broadcast address respectively. So you cannot use those 2.
Agent Purple
Agent Purple 个月 前
i have a question. If the main first router is off, will your second wifi repeater still be on and still be able to connect to the wifi?
Beefsticks Wellington
Beefsticks Wellington 个月 前
Did this with my routers, and the wifi slowed to a crawl, way under 1/2. They didn't like each other. Separate networks made it so much quicker.
Chip Ray
Chip Ray 个月 前
Running a cable is a lot easier.
FitAndGaming 个月 前
wtf. I literally googled ethernet cable to buy today to get wifi access to the other side of the house. This shit just saved me so much time and money
Voxorin 个月 前
I use my old Asus router as an access point connected to my new router by ethernet. The speeds are much better this way.
Stag Ark
Stag Ark 个月 前
to bad the title of this video means I will never remember or find it when I decide to do this
Turican76 个月 前
why is this guy so fake?
LordFlux 个月 前
For anyone who tries this and can't get it to work -- give up and move onto another solution. WDS isn't standardized and there are often compatibility issues between different products. Hell, there can be compatibility issues between the same products (with different internal revisions).
CFWhitman 个月 前
I've been using open source Linux based firmware to allow me to use old routers as wireless bridges for years. Often there will be a setting in this firmware to switch the WAN port to a LAN port and allow you to use it as well, but you do have to check that box if you want to take advantage of that feature. I currently favor openwrt if available for the hardware, though I have one wireless bridge running dd-wrt. I actually run openwrt on my main router as well.
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