Som Jio
Som Jio 11 小时 前
I use firefox on Arch on a thinkpad
SkillXtreme 11 小时 前
Me: plays CS:GO My RAM: 6.8GB USAGE Chrome: you mean our ram? My RAM: 7.9 GB / 7.9 GB My System: Kaboom? The BIOS: Kaboom!
trickeh2k 11 小时 前
Honestly interested, is there anyone that actually prefers motion blur?
XzTS 11 小时 前
8:3 aspect ratio
GreenStorm01 11 小时 前
Jonas Schulter
Jonas Schulter 11 小时 前
What?!ß1 People are using chrome?
chris moustaklis
chris moustaklis 11 小时 前
why was the ad at the start of the video, the person from the video what the heck
majortom 11 小时 前
i switched to Edge since Chrome isn't capable showing Netflix content in 1080p
Goose Plays20
Goose Plays20 11 小时 前
I use Chrome! It is the best browser and internet explorer and Edge are bad! Firefox is like edge
Hasan 11 小时 前
I use TOR and DuckDuckGo
MrMekmek29 11 小时 前
Internet explorer.. Because you need it to download google chrome.
aderek79 11 小时 前
I used both Firefox and Chrome at one time. There were some extensions I liked better at that time in Chrome so I ended up using it. Now I don't even remember what those extensions were because I stopped using them years ago. Now laziness keeps me with Chrome.
James Just
James Just 11 小时 前
chrome is essentially spyware, i have no clue why people use it
R S.
R S. 11 小时 前
We wouldnt need any of this if we still used crts and not lcd panels
Ya boi Calle
Ya boi Calle 11 小时 前
A and b roll are so out of sync
TechyGuy 11 小时 前
Brave + bing gang rise up
Jessica Lang
Jessica Lang 11 小时 前
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Rasmus Laur
Rasmus Laur 11 小时 前
Send her a DM to get more information
Rasmus Laur
Rasmus Laur 11 小时 前
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Rasmus Laur
Rasmus Laur 11 小时 前
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Danill Jegorov
Danill Jegorov 11 小时 前
I wanted to invest too but the price is not stable
Oliver Sarapuu
Oliver Sarapuu 11 小时 前
Do you know how much is ok for a start let me know if I can do this?
Sagor Mezba
Sagor Mezba 11 小时 前
3:40 Where is Bloom & Film grain?
Thunder Squad
Thunder Squad 11 小时 前
That's ur office k then bye
david gonzalez
david gonzalez 11 小时 前
man i remember watching bleach on OG youtube and IE freezed so much that ended up with chrome in my 512mb pc.............
MasterGenius 11 小时 前
Brave is superior.
Orange Hunter 69
Orange Hunter 69 11 小时 前
i use edge tho
Jax Zion
Jax Zion 11 小时 前
Gtx1660. Clearly remember thats 280$(Price for last year) I just thought "thats too expensive, i will wait the reduction" 1660 is over 500$ now :(
Justin van Zuilekom
Justin van Zuilekom 11 小时 前
I think it's important to note that Anti-Aliasing has a huge impact on performance. At 1080p its a really good setting to turn on, but as resolution increases it does less and less to the image. You just need to find the point where you don't see any improvement anymore. For 1440p I'd recommend SMAA personally, 4k TAA, 1080p crank it. lol. Also, fuck motion blur, that shit makes me feel sick.
Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler 12 小时 前
I use Edge.
Barrett DeCutler
Barrett DeCutler 12 小时 前
Okay, now I want a Doge browser.
Gordon Freeman
Gordon Freeman 12 小时 前
Fuck game developers that lock the FoV, give me an option to increase it you goddamn apes. After TotalBiscuit passed away, the voice of reason about FoV went out with him, and pretty much nobody else complains about games with shit low FoV.
Bayly Buchanan
Bayly Buchanan 12 小时 前
IMO chrome was killing it from release until ~2013-2014. After that I still think it's a fine browser but I decided to give Firefox a nostalgic go-again as my main browser after novice linux distros reintroduced me. I haven't gone back since, especially since quantum has had some time to mature, and I don't plan to probably ever.
JazzaNoir _
JazzaNoir _ 12 小时 前
HIGH is for gaming, ULTRA is for screenshots
Chuck H
Chuck H 12 小时 前
Ouch. The last minute of this video didnt age well 🤣
Yeetus Le fetus
Yeetus Le fetus 12 小时 前
If you you use chrome you enjoy no ram
tAEnY Kim
tAEnY Kim 12 小时 前
That weird moment when larger TV's are cheaper for the price to screen size ratio than computer monitors...
Sojourner 12 小时 前
If Musk makes a Dogebrowser... I'm getting it lol
Prabhsimran Singh
Prabhsimran Singh 12 小时 前
Because of extensions
Michael Z
Michael Z 12 小时 前
Is just me? I don't really think Riley is funny. It feels very superficial when he hosts :(
tAEnY Kim
tAEnY Kim 12 小时 前
tbh. As someone who wanted to switch to Firefox and Edge browser a long time ago, the only thing that's stopping me from migrating was that I had no reason to. I've been using Chrome since I was a child and at this point, I've grown too familiar with its simplistic layout and settings. My muscle memory just fits into Chrome right now and I'm able to multitask with the tabs full and 3 windows open with no problem. I don't wanna spend the next few days trying to familiarize my subconscious into something new when I have something that works already.
Santosh Kumar
Santosh Kumar 12 小时 前
Me finding where is Nvidia Control Panel in my Intel HD Graphics card. 😅
Zombie Killer
Zombie Killer 12 小时 前
Me and the Bois after inventing 1KiB processor😂
Peter 12 小时 前
I use Edge for everything and before it i used Firefox, I changed just because I thing they are similar. I also keep chrome on the pc but only for the free offline office extension, I don't have the Microsoft Office package.
Daniel B
Daniel B 12 小时 前
Imporatant thing: Every time data is read from a file, it is first copied to RAM, and it is removed from RAM only when free space is needed. this means that if you play games that load the same assets repeatedly (Total War with the campaign and battle views, Warframe with its quick missions etc) certain files might stay in RAM between the loading screens, meaning that disc gets read only once, which could be a serious performance boost for HDD users. (this effect becomes visible starting from 32 GB of RAM)
勇樹 12 小时 前
Firefox gang
Ive used Firefox on a chromebook
Xulfi Nawaz
Xulfi Nawaz 12 小时 前
Chrome is good for Windows and Android. and Safari for iOS and macOS.
Mugundan K
Mugundan K 12 小时 前
Me with a GT 610 who has everything in low in every game.
Hairy Weasel
Hairy Weasel 12 小时 前
Good tip about the FOV and motion sickness. I'll try it. Also good demonstration on 3:44 why you should turn on motion blur, because otherwise everything will have a weird uncanny valley oversharpened look, which might get you a competitive edge in shooters, but also looks remarkably like how the world looks when you are extremely anxious (or just on too much coffee).
Mousam Bera
Mousam Bera 12 小时 前
Well....i use brave
Gelber Drache
Gelber Drache 12 小时 前
Motion blure is personal preference? NO! There is only one setting for this option... OFF...
Spaceflight Bro
Spaceflight Bro 12 小时 前
The best browser is the one that comes stock with your OS. It's the best optimised for that OS. That is, use Chrome with Android, Edge with Windows, and for Linux, ehhhh-
oderoX 12 小时 前
Am i the only one here who uses Opera GX?
Lukas Bayer
Lukas Bayer 12 小时 前
Me seeing the title and thinking: "Did you never heard of any better browser?" Me seeing the intro: "Ok, you definitely missed Firefox, my friends." I literally had Chrome installed only once for a single webapp...
sacred temmie LB
sacred temmie LB 12 小时 前
Honestly i think one of the main reasons i switched to chrome on my phone was becuase i could open as many tabs as i wanted until my phone crashes lmao
KalecAmagosh 12 小时 前
My favorite part of this video? The way you didn't link to the first!
sacred temmie LB
sacred temmie LB 12 小时 前
For some reason when i was in high school i used safari, Firefox and chrome on all my different devices but overtime i slowly just started using only chrome. Although I’d like to start using safari again on my phone but i have so many tabs lol.
pupsgnom 12 小时 前
I always turn off Chromatic Aberration and Depth of Field, just like anything else that blurs or distorts parts of the screen.
Guja Studios 2.0
Guja Studios 2.0 12 小时 前
Cracky Cookie
Cracky Cookie 12 小时 前
I came here after panicking because i downloaded a 100 mb FLAC music. I thought it was a virus. Its a 4 and a half minute with 3140 Kbps music
Birk P
Birk P 13 小时 前
What is with AF, vsync, max framerate and so on.
Edi Niculescu
Edi Niculescu 13 小时 前
Pay attention, while some of these settings won't affect your gpu performance too much, they will impact the cpu performance, for example enabling tesselation to the max will definitely push hard a quad core processor
PaddoRadar 13 小时 前
not even gonna watch the video ofcourse you should buy your fucking games on g2a or kinguin tf
bradbob 13 小时 前
If you're on a Mac you should be using Safari - it's far superior to other browsers for Mac imo!
Coffee 13 小时 前
You are simply wrong with your last statement. Flash did go from offline as well. A good alternative that playes .swf files is Ruffle
Nathan Locke
Nathan Locke 13 小时 前
I decided to try Edge when I got my RTX3070 system so I could maximise resources available for gaming. It shocked me how well it ran and how little resources it used. I still use it now, unironically.
Who is here now that there are THREE companies?
Michael Child
Michael Child 13 小时 前
I use firefox on my desktop. I'm not an expert on all of its features but I do like it, I also use the Ecosia search engine on PC, and app for my phone, as this company uses advertising revenue to fund planting trees.
Tuiat 13 小时 前
Sorry, But motion blur isn't personal preference. It's gross, and that's just a fact. 8)
Aizen Sōsuke
Aizen Sōsuke 13 小时 前
I'm using Vivaldi, to be honest. I don't know where i heard of it but being given so much control over my own browser, makes me a power user like i never knew i wanted to be. It certainly takes time to figure out all the tools and shortcuts it gives you but what's even better is that you're not forced to use it like that, if you just want an easy to set up browser. And it works far better than Chrome on my machine, from the memory and performance perspective. I don't know what it is with Chrome but it has the worst performance for me, with a number of tabs open and multitasking in the background. But ultimately, choose a browser that's the most comfortable and intuitive for you to use.
coolguyjack11 13 小时 前
Firefox users are the vegan crossfitters of the tech world change my mind
勇樹 12 小时 前
Nah Firefox users care about their privacy more and it's customization, and its recommended by privacytools.io
Nigel 13 小时 前
TLDR: SSAA > MSAA >~ TXAA > SMAA >~FXAA Tessellation gives depth to objects, looks fucking neat for little cost. FOV: Increase it to the point where you balance the FOV with fisheye. Bloom: Bright lights are blinding Film grain: Film grain Motion blur: gay.
sunderkeenin 13 小时 前
Rainy hit the reply limit, so I'm just doing this as a normal post: most of the esoteric browsers are just Blink-derived too. qtwebengine hails from blink-land with some significant edits which change browser behavior. Firefox uses Gecko. Surf uses webkit. Safari uses webkit. Netsurf uses its own thing because it's needed for the goals of that browser, and then there are a few other esoteric things such as fully text-mode browsers. There's genuinely dangerous levels of centralization, and simply using a different browser for the sake of it doesn't help anyone. Splitting people between Firefox and Chrome, not Blink vs Blink, does. I use Firefox, although on my current linux install Discord is doing some weird shit where it will only take mic input on qtwebengine browsers, so I also have falkon open because I have an explicit need for it. The "made for Blink" web is the biggest danger to the future open web, and in particular the "made of Chrome web" where websites slowly start to work specifically on/with Chrome is just the step after.
Michael 13 小时 前
i remember trying to play Diablo 2 on my CRT using my s-video cable back in the day. Almost got sick from trying it because the odd lag and just so many things wrong with the video quality.
C Y 13 小时 前
I'm old enough to remember tvs being so damn proud to finally have HD support when my phone was already full HD for years. Consumer electronics media tech is always so far behind. Even today they are still playing catch up with their "meh" hdmi spec
Outcaster 13 小时 前
I'm very happy with Edge, it's exactly like Chrome but without the part of giving it 70% of your ram.
Mobile Recordings
Mobile Recordings 13 小时 前
Once you go with the new Firefox you won't go back. For me Chrome feels horrible with blurry fonts and odd behaviour.
CODYonPCin2160p 13 小时 前
If someone could just install "xbox" onto a PC we could kill consoles
LukeeyMc 13 小时 前
Used to use google chrome on EVERYTHING for years, then found Opera GX works better for CNpost videos on 4g home broadband, chrome seems to buffer then stutter then stop and freeze for a while, whereas Opera GX doesn't somehow lmao. Just use what works and what you're comfortable with people!
Aditya Patil
Aditya Patil 13 小时 前
Personally, I find that setting the resolution higher (double mostly) than the native resolution of the monitor has a way lower hit on performance than using AA even though it works just like SSAA.
Roms Aubrey Cabello
Roms Aubrey Cabello 13 小时 前
Brave Browser is wat better.
Skizzy 13 小时 前
Ingwie Phoenix
Ingwie Phoenix 13 小时 前
Dials and knobs... MUMLOOKNOCOMPUTER?
Артем Мячин
Артем Мячин 13 小时 前
But these settings have nothing to do with you driver settings. All of these are in-game settings.